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ANIME: Maria-sama ga Miteru -Spring- ep.01-13 (final)

(The screencaps are from ep11-13)

Ah... my favorite lesbian/yuri/shoujo-ai/christian girl anime. It took awhile for this to come out in fansubs so I can barely remember what happened in the beginning of it. I did just watch ep11-ep13 around 3:30AM so I can remember those better.

Recap of episodes I've long forgotten!

ep01: Rosa Gigantea surprises Yumi after telling her she has a driver's license and they drive to Sachiko's house to play.

ep02: Rosa Foetida is said to be having adulterous affairs with older men and we find out later that they were mostly her brothers taking her out and the end is when she confesses her love for a teacher from a neighboring school (a man!) and she gets rejected. Don't worry they're starting as friends.

ep03: They have a going away party for the seniors since they're graduating with the lowest tier (Yumi, Shimako, and Yoshino) of the Rose Mansion doing the entertainment and we see Sachiko laughing.

ep04-05: The last few days with the seniors still in the school. Yumi says goodbye to Sei. Episode 5 has he graduation ceremony, goodbyes, flashbacks of the past, and Yumi taking good care of her onee-sama.

ep06: The past with Sei choosing Shimako as Rosa Gigantea en bouton. There was a battle between Sachiko and Sei for Shimako. Well... almost. I can't help but think Shimako would be better off with Sachiko and Sei would be with Yumi. Maybe I just wanted to see Sei playing around with Yumi a lot more.

ep07-09: The introduction of the new girls, Noriko and Touko. Touko (the drill girl!) is Sachiko's cousin so they're already aquainted with each other while Noriko's pretty much an outsider. Turns out Shimako and Noriko are buddhists going to a Christian girl's private school. Noriko and Shimako hit it off and Noriko's invited to the Rose Mansion a few times. After a lot of pushing from all her friends, Shimako in anger spills she's a buddhist and her and Noriko hug. Episode 9 is everyone pushing Shimako again and in the end Noriko becomes Rosa Gigantea en bouton. If you haven't noticed, Shimako has taken the Rosa Gigantea role after Sei left.

ep10: Yoshino and Rei have another one of their fights. Rei worries for Yoshino since she only recently had surgery. Yoshino's all well and good but Rei still worries. The reason being Yoshino joins the kendo club. They make up in the end. Happy times.

I was recently feeling the 2nd season of Marimite wasn't up to snuff with how I loved the first season but I guess it was the long periods of waiting for the next episode. It's even longer when I save up episodes to watch. I guess I didn't really take to the Noriko arc and Yoshino and Rei fighting again. I personally don't find anything special about Noriko, too. Ah, well.

On to the end...!

The "Yumi is jealous of Touko, I yearn for Onee-sama" arc!

We start of with Yumi cheerful as hell since she was promised a date with her onee-sama, Sachiko, but the upside-down frown turns rightside-up. She gets a call from Sachiko saying she can't make it and Yumi's thinking "that bitch! never paying me any mind! I'll kill her!" or something like that (I'm joking but Yumi was angry) but Yumi doesn't say anything and lets it slide. She says she understands and they hang up. They set it up for the next day but Sachiko cancels again. Yumi's of course very sad because her onee-sama is her life. Touko comes in the next day or so and gives Sachiko back her watch. OH NOES! Touko and Sachiko have been seeing each other behind Yumi's back!... is what we're supposed to be thinking. Yumi later corners Sachiko because she's insecure and begs Sachiko to promise her that they'll go out. She doesn't and leaves with Touko. Yumi walks home sad and decides to call her onee-sama to say sorry. No chance since Suguru (the "prince" we saw in the first season and is related to Sachiko) says he can't get Touko and Sachiko to come out. Yumi doesn't want anymore of it and stops coming to the Rose Mansion and when she's stopped by Yoshino, Yumi lets out some of her anger at Yoshino. She walks off and when she's about to leave Sachiko stops her. Something doesn't go right again since Touko is right behind them and saying they should walk home together. Yumi cries and runs out in the rain since she ain't having none of that shit and tosses her umbrella and bag after seeing Sei who then lets Yumi cry on her. Lucky! Well... no. Sachiko picked up Yumi's umbrella and bag and gave it to Sei while Yumi was crying on Sei's bosom and it came to Yumi that she wanted to apologize. I'm guessing since Sachiko dirtied herself to pick up Yumi's crap? Sachiko and Touko leave in a car and Yumi's on the floor crying. That all happened in one episode, by the way *gasp*

Sei asks someone we've never heard from if they can come with her since she resides nearby. We get to see Yumi taking a shower (nothing explicit) but that was a "YAY!" in my book. Turns out Sei doesn't even know the person she asked for help. Until Sei remembers her from a very trivial matter. Satou Sei had reacted to Katou Kei's name (the formerly unknown person) once in class. Ah, well. She returns home, cries a little, and we're off to another day. Yumi apologizes to Yoshino and they embrace each other. Yoshino thought she had lost Yumi as a friend for a second. Yumi has decided to stay her usual cheerful self and gets invited by classmates to eat with her to keep her head up. Touko comes in angry at Yumi for some reason and Yumi and Touko argue. Yumi decides to visit Katou Kei's residence and is invited by the lady who owns the residence since Katou Kei's out. Yumiko (we get a comment from Yumi saying that's a nice name - Yumiko is pretty much Yumi but "ko" is usually added to a female's name as a suffix) but they chat and Yumi spills her heart out. Yumiko remembers something from the past. We're back with Kei now and Yumi and her have a chat as well. Kei tells Yumi her mom died about 10 years ago and that she didn't like her stepmom at all in the beginning. Kei did later find out change can be good, though, and that Kei was allowed to live elsewhere. Kei's way of telling Yumi change isn't always bad since Yumi kept on thinking about how she didn't want things to change and wanted Sachiko all to herself. It finally gets into her head that it isn't that bad and smiles a little. She also gets her much loved umbrella back (this was one of the breaking points in ep11 but I forgot to mention that) in the end of the episode. There was talk about how the umbrella went on a little journey but it came back to her.

Yumi's finally back in the Rose Mansion and finds they're a little short on personel. Sachiko is absent for some reason or another. Rei and Yoshino have recently had a lot of club activities. Good news is Shimako's filled her role as a Rose very well since Yumi's been gone. Yumi has an idea to invite Touko to help out. Yumi's out in the garden now and face-to-face with Touko. About two dozen people are watching them when Touko asks Yumi what she wants. Yumi asks Touko to relax her fighting stance first. After a little explaining of the Yamayurikai's situation and about Touko being in the drama club, Yumi grabs Touko's hand and tells her she's an escort to the Rose Mansion, to which Touko says she's only helping Rosa Chinesis but was blushing a little. Touko walks off and this is the scene where I thought Yumi was a pimp (slang for cool, among other things.) I couldn't help thinking that after she acknowledged the people watching and thought to herself that all the rumors about Touko and her fighting over Sachiko have ended after that little scene. Yumi's filled her role pretty well, too. Touko's a little angry about Yumi being so cheerful and not doing anything for Sachiko while Yumi thinks she's doing her best while Sachiko's away. We see Yumiko walking around the Lilian school's property and Yumiko tells Yumi she's going to visit a friend. The friend she hasn't seen in a long time after a falling out. Lilian's petite souer system is really full of ups and downs. Betrayal and love. Almost like a marriage. Minako even had a friend who's onee-sama betrayed her but she remained ignorant/stubborn until she exploded three years later and tossed the rosary in her onee-sama's face at her graduation. Touko tells her while they're walking out that she should be careful of Suguru's driving and halfway through the episode Suguru's there and waiting. Yumi's called into the school and meets the former Rosa Chinesis back in the school. She was waiting for Yumi. Youko escorts her to Suguru's car where she explains Sachiko's in a depression ever since her grandmother was in the hospital and today was the funeral. Yumi's extremely sad that she couldn't do anything and Youko assures her it was probably Sachiko's fault =p Sachiko's in shock that Yumi's there and they embrace each other. Sachiko apologizes and Yumi does as well. We find out Sachiko's grandmother was Yumiko's friend and they made amends. That's the end of Marimite -Haru-.


Some things that I have to bitch about and say...

Why couldn't the denpa girl haved play a role in this season?! I was waiting for her since the beginning of Marimite -Spring- but she never showed up. Actually they say she did show up in one picture but the only quality being she was in the background and it was a tall character. The Denpa girl is supposed to be a pretty tall girl.

If you want a peak at the Denpa girl, she's in this Marimite relationship chart (there's major relationship spoilers.) The other one is all good.

The next thing I wanted to say is... I HOPE THERE'S A 3RD SEASON! I want to see the denpa girl! DENPA GIRL!!! (What the hell is her name?) It seems she and Touko fight to be Yumi's petite souer and of course I'll be cheering for denpa girl without knowing anything about her >_> A 3rd season would seem like more of a comedy then usual...

We end it with...

ANIME: Mahou Sensei Negima! ep.03

Asuna has dreams of Takamichi-sensei confessing his love, Negi pisses off Asuna again and decides to make a love potion, Asuna shoves said potion down Negi's throat, and hilarity ensues when his class falls for him. Nodoka makes a lot more appearances. Shizuna and the headmaster finally show up, too.

Things I've noticed while watching the anime:
  • Nodoka has a bigger fear of males in the anime until Negi comes along
  • They skipped the part where Konoka makes breakfast for Negi
  • The seiyuu (voice actor) that did Negi needed a English coach or at least tried harder to speak in English (Negi's original language IS English)
  • The 4-leaf clover love potion as opposed to Negi finding he had a set of Love Potion herbs/balls in his pack was done better in the anime
  • The anime wanted to get in more of Negi using magic and the other characters using their skills. Makie used her gymnastic skills and Negi showed his main element by using wind to make himself quicker.

From watching the fansubs and reading the manga, Negi-bouzu can mean either an informal way of saying Negi's a kid and the other being Onionhead?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Update (4:48PM): Scans from the Ichigo 100% OP single? Here's how the anime will probably look like.


Update (1:17PM): The Kyou/Tohru coupling sucks! Turns out that is what's happened in the manga and Yuki pussied out. The pairing is supposedly confirmed by Takaya Natsuki, the manga-ka, herself. At least I feel a little happy for the other pairings, though.

Read more at: Harusaki


Update (12:51PM): Naruto ch245 - Naruto's back in Konoha village and happy he's back. There's a Tsunade sculpted into the mountain where the Hokage's of the past and present lie. There's panels with Naruto, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Tsunade, Sakura, and Konohomaru. Seems Naruto isn't thrilled with Konohomaru after he said he had created a perverted jutsu... because Naruto has something that completely blows it out of the water. Kakashi tells them they're equals now (as in not being teacher to students but as colleagues) and wants to test them with the bell test we've seen in the first volume or so.

I really liked. It was like reading Naruto all over again and it got me laughing. The next chapter, hopefully, we get to see Naruto completely show up Sakura =p

Sakura also got a lot cuter ^_^


Lucky I'm inside and even feeling a little hot with the heater on. If you're wondering about the title, I didn't have anything in mind and so I opened my mp3 playlist and my eyes popped onto that Dean Martin song. It's fitting since it is pretty damn cold in New York...

Just a few things to get off my chest.

Naruto v28ch245

If you've been following the manga, you've probably been anticipating this, too. My love for this manga has dropped off a lot since I first started it three years ago. Naruto really got too annoying as a character even with his flashes of brilliance and Sasuke I wanted dead. I didn't really care for Sakura either. All might be saved beginning from this chapter, though.

A TIME JUMP! (of 2½ years or so)

I'm hoping this solves at least some problems that I disliked about it.

I'll get to reading this in about an hour...

Ichigo 100% Anime

Just to clarify, because I've already said this a million times on IRC, we should have the Ichigo 100% DVD in March.

From Yanime. Can't wait...

Great Teacher Onizuka

I'm more of a HKDVD (aka bootleg) consumer when buy DVDs. I haven' bought any recently but that's what I'd rather choose to buy. If you know which HKDVD company you're buying from you can often find R1 rips. DVDs that were copied from the US releases. They're usually in pretty good quality, too, and since I don't mind screwing others... it's all good for me. It hasn't happened often since I've been finding most of my stuff for downloading recently anyway. Even if I usually opt out for HKDVDs, though, there was a sale at Deep Discount DVD recently that was really an offer I couldn't pass up. $24 for the GTO boxset 1 of 2. Free shipping, too! There's 23 episodes on 5 DVDs. That's about $1.04 for each episode (and it comes with a free shirt - XL) and I really couldn't pass it up. I've already watched all of GTO but damn it's fun watching again. It also fills in the blank since I'm missing v01-v05 of the GTO manga...

If you want to buy it: CLICK HERE

Fruits Basket

Nothing to say but I'm currently downloading/watching this series again and it's a fun watch. The fansubs of this are old... I'm currently on ep16 and I'm waiting for the Kisa and Hana-chan episodes. Not sure if I want to watch the ending of it...

Super Bowl

Super Bowl XXXIX -- Sun., Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. ET on FOX

Damn... one more week...

The blog...

I have to say I got it to look pretty damn nice and neat. I'm currently trying to find a way to get a drop-down menu for the sidebar for "Anime: I've blogged or blogging..." and the manga equivalent. Just so I don't have to sort, through, the archives with it's massive amount of screencaps.

To Other Anime Bloggers: If you want me to add you to the Links section, just leave a message. It's awesome being on Momotato Daioh's and Matthew's Anime Blog's link section, though. Almost all my traffic is coming from them >_

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MANGA: Eden (review)

Manga-ka: ENDO Hiroki
Genre: Shounen/Seinen > Sci-fi > Action > Drama
Content: Violence, gore, nudity, etc. (Mature Readers Only)
Total Volumes: 11 (ongoing)
Scanlator: MangaProject

Ah... Eden. I didn't give it much of a try when I first downloaded about one or two volumes of it. I'll tell you right now I'm not particularly a big fan of anything that can be considered "dark" and I prefer my stuff to keep a smile on my face. There are of course a few exceptions, of course. Berserk, I've taken a liking to GANTZ, etc.

I didn't expect it to keep me interested and after reading MP's preview of it - "Eden takes place after a significant portion of the world's population has fallen to a virus that causes the victims' skin to turn hard, immobilizing and killing them by reducing them to empty shells. The survivors, be they patchwork cyborgs who have replaced their affected anatomy or children who are somehow immune, persevere by skirting, or courting, the resultant social and political anarchy." - I quickly dumped what I had downloaded in the good ol' Recycle Bin.

Well, I did download it again. All I can say is I read everything that was out (8 volumes scanlated) in two days and that's because I almost always stop myself from continuing if I'm afraid of a cliffhanger. It's actually been 10 months since I did that (the manga is released very slowly if you haven't noticed) but I had to plug it since I really do love this series. I'm still wishing for that happy ending, though.

Anyway... chapter 01 starts as a prologue. It's a pretty long prologue (115 pages or so.) The two main characters in the prologue (Enoa and Hana) are the parents of the main character, Eliah Ballard, in Eden. The young man's a sensible fellow and knows right from wrong. Good kid. There's plenty of other stories told here, as well. I'd prefer if they stuck with Eli... Enoa has made himself very powerful and of course this doesn't look good for his family in this world. People are after him and anything that belongs to him. Eli's out in the world now and just thinking about life with what was probably handed down to him from his father, the robot Cherubim. We watch him exploring and thinking about stuff until he's caught by mercenaries and is held hostage. That's pretty much all of volume one. Well it gets pretty fun after this. Eliah learns more about life while he's held captive, there's fun times with a prostitute he saved, we learn a little about his past, he becomes more of a man, etc. I really should get to re-reading it and/or reading the stuff that was released after I stopped...

Want to read more? Download it.


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ANIME: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA3 ep.18

Heh. I said I'd never do a raw (episode(s) without subtitles) but I really love the Tenchi universe so... meh. I'm still waiting for a fansub of this but until then I'll make due with what I got. If you've seen Tenchi GXP before this... you've already been spoiled for some stuff like me =p

Misao's jealous and worried about Tenchi and his sister, Mihoshi. Seems he has a sister complex and thinks Tenchi is some kind of man whore. Misao's plotting to invade Earth while we find out Seto-sama (Jurai no oni-hime, or The Demon Princess of Jurai - if you will) has visited the Misaki household. Reminder: Seto is Noike's adopted mother and the grandmother of Ayeka and Sasami. Turns out Seto knew about everything that was going on from Yosho's disappearance, to Tenchi, to etc. Seto faints from sleep deprivation in the middle of a conversation. They find out she'll be fine so Sasami and the rest decide to cook her a meal when she's resting. Seto wakes up before dinner and has a "snack" in Washu's quarters. They finish the meal and are about to leave until they're transported elsewhere. Seems the Galaxy Police elites with Misao are trying to get Mihoshi back and separated all of them. Sasami, Ayeka, Washu and Ryoko each have a fight and the end of the episode comes...

QUICK IMPRESSION (without reading a spoiler thread):
Misao's Galaxy Police elites aren't worth shit (except for Mashisu because she's cool) and got their ass handed to them. They're trapped in this green slime and talking about something. One of them is definitely having flashbacks of getting whooped and I guess it's thanks to Ryouko. Skip a little and it turns out Mashisu is in love with Misao, which was the reason she agreed to help and we end up seeing Misao and Mashisu getting together (Tenchi GXP spoiled that already). The end of the episode WASN'T so fun...

INDEPTH SUMMARY (after reading spoiler thread):
Made me want to watch this episode over again after reading it. The four GP elites each lose their battle. Ayeka had the help of Ryo-Ohki which took care of one, Ryouko was so pissed from the last episode the guy she fought has whiplash (well flashbacks) and he's on the floor crying for her to stop, Washu is so strong she beats a huge, muscle man with a toy hammer (I think Washu put some kind of gravity in the room and knocked him out that way), and Sasami... wow... Sasami rocks. She beats Mashisu without a drop of sweat and we find out Sasami's Juraian speed is off the charts (if you've seen GXP, you know GXP officers are pretty damn quick themselves) and her hair decorations for her pigtails can transform into a staff which she subsequently used as a weapon. Ryouko on Ryo-Ohki (this Ryo-Ohki is the actual ship from the lake near the house and we see the "human-form" Ryo-Ohki with Tenchi and the rest) is attacking Chobimaru - big sphere shaped ship owned by Misao. Pan off to the GXP officers. They've been transported onto... TSUNAMI! If you don't remember, being on the NUMBER ONE JURAIAN TREE/SHIP (2nd class is highly classified as it is, think of how bad it is to be on *THE* ship) is not a good sign if you want to live. The officers are afraid for their lives now but they're assured they won't be executed which doesn't ease their fears and are even afraid to swallow and eat the food and drinks in front of them. They do so after a little coaxing and a taste of the drinks. They end up having a great time. We're brought back to Ryouko and her absolutely KILLING Chobimaru. Mashisu wants them to stop Ryouko but they say not much can be done so Mashisu teleports to Chobimaru. Misao's angry at Mashisu, I *think* Mashisu tells Misao he'll help her with his sister, Mashisu asks who Misao likes more soon after, Misao says he likes them both but he doesn't know what to do, Ryouko attacks near them and Mashisu protects Misao and has her blood on the floor after being hit in the head. A flashback or two of Mashisu/Misao and Mashisu telling him it was love at first sight. Misao tells her his feelings for her sister is because she's family and said something about wanting to protect Mashisu, too. Washu is heard speaking over them and he's talking to Misao about something and we see Misao and Mashisu were being tricked and were on Tsunami the whole time. Mashisu runs away and the girls yell at Misao to chase her. He does. Ryouko's still out there having her way with Chobimaru and now comes the ED... I almost missed it but there's more at the end of ep18. It's the start of another "normal" day in the Tenchi household and while Tenchi's out washing the carrots in the pond we see Washu and Noike talking to each other.

Something from the spoiler topic:

"Incidentally, in the final conversation between Washu and Noike, Noike wonders if Washu wants something after getting that look, Washu asks her what to call "her" (not gender specific, "What's your name?" , Noike doesn't understand, Washu says that she's asking the name of the one looking through Noike's eyes, Noike still doesn't follow, and then the eyes go blank and bad things happen."

Z is probably Noike's brother and Washu was speaking to Z. Or that's what I'm going with, too. Noike's out of it whenever her eyes turn dark like that and this warns Washu about something coming at them. Washu tells Tenchi to get away. The episode ends on possibly a very sad note when something flies down from the sky and is going straight for Tenchi. Tenchi is saved by the Light-Hawk wings but he's out in space now and looking down, he see's half of Earth destroyed.


If you're a Tenchi fan, I have two sites I visit:

Tenchi Muyo! Another Universe & Tenchi Muyo! FAQ

The spoiler topic:

The Ayeka Fan Club > Message Board


And we end with a picture of the Kuramitsu family:


I finished typing this at 5:48AM so excuse any mistakes. I just finished uploading the screencaps.