Saturday, January 22, 2005

ANIME: Grenadier ep.10-12 (final)

Grenadier ep.10

The gang makes their way to the Heavenly Capital and run into trouble from one of the Ten Senshi Sages. Rushuna's off fighting underwater while Ya-chan remembers his lost comrades. When they get into the capital, Ya-chan recommends a bath for Rushuna and Mikan after having a man to man talk with Teppa-kun. Rushuna is oblivious to the fact that Ya-chan has run away to meet the Empress but Mikan's a smart little girl. She follows (or tries to follow) him. Ya-chan meets an old comrade who turns out to be an ally of the Mountain Templar so Ya-chan strips her Kasumi-nee and runs off. Rushuna suddenly remembers about Ya-chan, Teppa-kun sighs about losing a chance to bang Rushuna, and they run off to the capital. Rushuna is greeted with that last screencap...

Grenadier ep.11

Rushuna is resting at the palace while Ya-chan meets up with the imprisoned Empress. He's a little shy now since Rushuna got to him... Old Ya-chan might have just chopped her up >_> Anyway... he helps her escape while Rushuna meets up with the fake Empress who turns out to be the double (just as Rushuna was) of the real Empress and she gets angry at how she couldn't trick Rushuna. Touka comes on a missile and decides to help Rushuna before actually finding out the fake was Setsuna.

Grenadier ep.12 (final)

Rushuna chases Setsuna and tries to get her to understand the Empress' ideal. Pan off to the Mountain Templar and Ya-chan fighting. Ya-chan is much more skilled with the sword compared to the Mountain Templar now but Ya-chan almost gave his life to trying to get the Mountain Templar to understand. Pan off to Rushuna and Setsuna fighting. Since they were the Empress' doubles, they were trained in the same skills so it looked like they were twins fighting except I give a slight edge to Rushuna. Maybe more then a slight one if she didn't mind blowing off Setsuna's head off... Rushuna literally strips Setsuna of her armor and all is good in the end... The Medicine Bath from an early episode heals both Ya-chan and Rushuna. Mikan/Ya-chan/Rushuna go off on another journey as does Setsuna.

I think there's going to be a 2nd season so here's to hoping Ya-chan gets some...