Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ANIME: Mahou Sensei Negima! ep.01

Ah... another Ken Akamatsu production. You probably know him from Love Hina because I sure as hell do. I've been following this for awhile now. Ever since Akatsuki-Manga (a scanlation group) first released a few chapters and then since Meow took it up after it was licensed. I'm also buying the US released manga and that's not something that happens a lot if you compare to how much scanlations I download. I've read about 1,200-1,400 volumes of manga and I own only about 20-30 actual books >_>

Let's get to the anime. There are a few changes (hair colors, the beginning, the cutting of some scenes and the addition of some) and the art's not as great as the manga but I still enjoyed watching it and I'll continue to. Short story even shorter, Negi Springfield, or 10 year old prodigy, is to become a teacher in Japan, if he wants to become a Magister Magi. A Magister Magi is someone that's recognized as a great wizard and Negi will do anything to become one, just like his father. Negi on his way to the school he'll be teaching at meets his "guardians" but they don't hit it off very well. We go through some stuff and we find out he's the homeroom teacher of a first year class and that he's a English professor (told you he was a prodigy, he's learned Japanese in a few weeks.) Anyway... it ends with him saving a student (Nodoka -- who we'll see a lot of, too) and Asuna (his soon to be "guardian") catching him.

It really doesn't get great until a little later when you get to see the fights. I think it's extremely well done and then there's plenty of girls/hobbies to make you at least like ONE girl.

Here's a scan of Negi's class. He's the teacher of a JHS, 1st year class. If you didn't know Japan has Elementary grades 1-6, JHS 7-9, and HS 10-12.