Sunday, January 30, 2005

ANIME: Mahou Sensei Negima! ep.03

Asuna has dreams of Takamichi-sensei confessing his love, Negi pisses off Asuna again and decides to make a love potion, Asuna shoves said potion down Negi's throat, and hilarity ensues when his class falls for him. Nodoka makes a lot more appearances. Shizuna and the headmaster finally show up, too.

Things I've noticed while watching the anime:
  • Nodoka has a bigger fear of males in the anime until Negi comes along
  • They skipped the part where Konoka makes breakfast for Negi
  • The seiyuu (voice actor) that did Negi needed a English coach or at least tried harder to speak in English (Negi's original language IS English)
  • The 4-leaf clover love potion as opposed to Negi finding he had a set of Love Potion herbs/balls in his pack was done better in the anime
  • The anime wanted to get in more of Negi using magic and the other characters using their skills. Makie used her gymnastic skills and Negi showed his main element by using wind to make himself quicker.

From watching the fansubs and reading the manga, Negi-bouzu can mean either an informal way of saying Negi's a kid and the other being Onionhead?