Sunday, January 23, 2005

ANIME: Rozen Maiden ep.01-04

Rozen Maiden ep.01

Jun's a hikikomori (one of my new favorite Japanese words - click here to learn more) who's addicted on buying antiques and/or just plain weird stuff online. A little on his older sister... she's ditzy/clumsy and a lacrosse player who loves her brother but can't get him to open up. Anyway... he ends up getting a letter of some sort that makes him put it in his drawer. A luggage case is sent to him and he opens it to find a very well made doll. The pervert actually checked to see under the dress... The doll is awoken after Jun twists the knob/key and tells him her name is Shinku, a Rozen Maiden. They show her beating on him until the window breaks and another doll is found. This doll (not of the Rozen Maiden) was made to go after Jun's life and Jun's made to choose between living by kissing Shinku's Rosa Mystica or dying because he won't. Of course, he kisses the ring (Rosa Mystica is a ring) and Shinku saves him. Jun is now Shinku's servant (or she says he is) and at the end of the episode, Nori, Jun's sister founds out about Shinku.

Rozen Maiden ep.02

Tomoe is playing with Hina Ichigo (another Rozen Maiden) and Hina Ichigo pouts because Tomoe has to go to school. Tomoe promises Hina Ichigo she'll be back soon to play. Pan off to Nori squealing because Shinku eating a little doughnut ball is cute. Afternoon comes and we find out Tomoe knows Jun. They're classmates and she came over to give him notes. She's invited in and stays for a few minutes before deciding to leave. Tomoe gets home and finds an angry Hina Ichigo and starts going off about how her old master left her while being told by Tomoe that she would never do that. Hina Ichigo goes off into her dream (or her dream world/field) and makes Tomoe come along. Shinku goes off into Hina Ichigo's world to get her to give up her Rosa Mystica (which would usually result in a doll becoming soulless) but Shinku manages to get Hina Ichigo to give up after Shinku points out Tomoe is in great pain because of Hina. Turns out Hina is allowed to live by feeding off Shinku's power and Hina comes to Jun's house instead. Hina's sad...

Rozen Maiden ep.03

Hina Ichigo wants to play with Shinku but she ain't having it. Jun's just pissed he has more annoying people in his room. Hina Ichigo is feeling a little homesick because she can't get any "unyu." Jun feels bad and overcomes his fear for at least the day and goes out to buy the food item she wants. Meanwhile, Hina Ichigo knew what the toilet was and makes fun of Shinku because she didn't know it until after Jun told her. There's trouble when another Rozen Maiden shows up. The new sister, Suigin Tou, is a evil bitch and she must be vanquished! Shinku and Suigin Tou have a minor fight and then Suigin Tou decides to leave. Jun's been 1-2 stores now and they're sold out so there's only one store left. The one near his school and the one he's been avoiding. He enters the one near the school to find Tomoe and the dessert Hina Ichigo wanted. Tomoe and Jun talk and Tomoe says she didn't feel right with Hina Ichigo going off to Jun's place but she feels better about it now that she knows Jun went off and knew what she wanted. Jun comes back home, Nori comes back soon after and is shocked he went out, then Hina Ichigo finds the "unyu." Hina Ichigo's soften up to Jun now ^^;

Rozen Maiden ep.04

Jun's window gets vandalized again. Here comes Suisei Seki (another Maiden) and her human-hating psyche. We all know she really doesn't but meh. I forgot what happened but they end up visiting Jun's dream world and it's a dark, sad place. His tree isn't looking too well, either. They leave after doing something and that's the end of ep04. The next episode is my favorite of the entire show so expect more pictures... maybe.


Forgot to mention this but the dolls seem to be awake because a game is going on right now. An Alice Game, that is. They're suppose to fight/destroy each other's Rosa Mysticas.


I've recently finished the show (1.23.05 - in the first few hours) and I went back to take screen caps of these. I'll get to ep.05-ep.12 soon.