Monday, January 24, 2005

ANIME: Rozen Maiden ep.05-08

Rozen Maiden ep.05

My favorite episode! Why? It was funny and cute as hell. This episode made me really like the show. It was full of chibi/super-deformed art.

The day starts of with the gang watching Kun-kun (the detective show everyone in the show likes) and Nori baking cakes (a strawberry cake.) She puts down 2 pieces of cake on the dinner table for Hina Ichigo and Suisei Seki. Kun-kun screams something and Hina Ichigo turns around then after watching a little turns to the table and finds her strawberry missing. She screams very loudly. Suisei Seki starts crying, saying Hina Ichigo tried to take her strawberry, too. Nori tells Hina Ichigo to not do that and Hina feels betrayed. She pouts and stomps up to Jun's room. Nori is angry because she wanted a big, happy family and threatened she won't make hana-topped (flower-topped - she uses an egg), hamburgers. This scares Shinku and Suisei Seki so while Nori's out they pull out capturing devices to bring Hina Ichigo back down. Jun yells at them and then goes up himself to get Hina to come down. Hina Ichigo is still angry and won't listen to Jun and starts chucking toys at him. He contemplates a little more before coming to the conclusion that Suisei Seki is more then capable of stealing Hina's ichigo (heh) and they team up. Pan off to Suisei Seki complaining about the chibi-ningen (short human) near the stairs with Shinku complaining about them being childish until Suisei Seki looks up to find a blockade on the stairs. Suisei Seki and Hina Ichigo/Jun end up fighting for the stairs. Attacks include writing on Suisei Seki's luggage case, chucking crayons, and the first battle ends with a hilarious scene. Jun has tossed down a toy crocodile, runs down and says something along the lines of "this is a truth crocodile - put your hand in it's mouth and if you're telling the truth it won't bite you" then runs back up the stairs. Suisei Seki sucks up to Shinku with tears and all but Shinku says it's a good idea and holds the croc up for Suisei Seki. Suisei Seki runs up the stairs laughing like maniac crying about how no one believes her with Shinku coming up the stairs, too. Suisei Seki is trapped between the barricade now and Shinku and while she tries to talk to Shinku, Jun lets out a "RAWR!" and scares Suisei Seki, whose hand ends up in the croc's mouth and it chomped down. She's screamin' for her life then is told off by Jun about how unlady-like it was. She's laughing again while climbing down the stairs. Suisei Seki has a new battle plan. Make them come down for food. Suisei Seki has probably cleared every food item in the fridge, cabinets, etc. and starts eating it below the stairs in front of them. Hina Ichigo is easily tricked by food so she wants to go down but Jun stops them. Shinku mentions this being a tasty plan and chomps down on snacks. Jun brings out two pieces of styrofoam and starts making schreeching noises to annoy Suisei Seki while Suiseki Seki pulls out the pan and ladle. Hina faints due to not having anything to eat and Jun devises a new plan. He puts Kun-kun on a fishing rod and starts getting Shinku involved. Shinku is a BIG fan of Kun-kun and is easily tricked by Jun's voice acting and Kun-kun doll. Shinku turns her back on Suisei Seki right there while Kun-kun is begging for help. Hina jumps down to save Kun-kun and they all end up on the floor on the bottom floor of the stairs. Nori comes back home to find a mess and screams the roof off the house. It ends with them eating hana-topped hamburgers and alls well that ends well.

Wow... I summarized more then I should.

Rozen Maiden ep.06

The show starts off with an episode of Kun-kun just ending. It was an especially "scary" one so Shinku and Suisei Seki are a little frightened. It's cute. Suisei Seki is hanging around Hina Ichigo because she's frightened and they end up hearing a noise. They check the closet upstairs and it's that damn mirror again. Suigin Tou pops out and grabs Hina Ichigo. Shinku goes in and we end up in Suigin Tou's dream field. It's dark like Jun's. Probably a little moreso. There's ripped up dolls scattered everywhere and it's a dark, cold place. Shinku struggles a little against Suigin Tou even with the help of some old friends (the dolls that protected/tried to kill Jun) until Shinku's medium (Jun) suddenly gave her a boost. Jun and the gang leave Suigin Tou's field and they've brought along the other dolls. The doll that tried to claim Jun's life in the first episode is ripped apart and we learn that "dead" dolls become soulless and are in an eternal sleep, dreaming of the past. It's a sad, sad fate. Jun doesn't really understand (is my guess since he still...) and comes back with a sewing kit and fixes the doll up. The soul has come back and Shinku tells Jun he has magical fingers. The episode ends with Shinku looking dead on the floor.

Rozen Maiden ep.07

Shinku's fallen and she's down for the count. Jun tries to wake her up to no avail. and feels bad about it so he gets angry. That's what they call passive-aggressive, right? Jun finally goes out after reading up on the Rozen Maiden thanks to the internet (rock on!) but needs to go out to do more research. He suits up hikikimori-style and goes off to the library. Jun gets screwed over when he's told the book he's looking for is at his school's library. Off to school he goes, sneaky like a ninja, but gets caught by Tomoe who helps him out. He finds the answer and goes back home to OPEN SHINKU'S CASE and out pops Holie (Shinku's protector/weapon or something) and goes into Shinku's hole (the one that was needed for the key/knob/thingy) and she's fixed. Jun must feel pretty dumb. Suisei Seki knew how to get her back but wanted to play with Jun, I guess.

Rozen Maiden ep.08

Another Rozen Maiden shows up. It turns out to be Sousei Seki, Suisei Seki's twin sister. Sousei has a more boyish-look and the eye color is switch compared to Suisei. I'd assume Sousei had long hair like Suisei but got it cut short for the old man that takes care of Sousei. It turns out the old man has lost his son earlier and his wife is in a coma in the house a little after they lost their son. Sousei takes the son's place and the old man is too fucked up in the mind to tell the difference. I also assume Suisei Seki left the house because she wasn't given any attention and it was sad place to be in knowing Sousei was acting as their son. The old man turns out to be Sousei's master and I don't know what's with Suisei since Sousei and Suisei had a chat about Jun being her master and Suisei is embarassed about it. They're in a dream world now and Suisei tries to get Sousei to come to Jun's place but Sousei declines so Suisei tries to forcibly bring Sousei. He still says no and Suisei leaves crying. During the time Sousei was gone, Suigin Tou tells the old man he won't be able to keep Sousei (the old man says Kazuki - the son's name) for long unless... anyway. Sousei and Suisei had a fight with Suisei winning but she let's Sousei go and he returns home. Suisei has a sixth sense about something happening to her sister at the end of the episode.