Monday, January 24, 2005

ANIME: Rozen Maiden ep.09-12 (final)

Rozen Maiden ep.09

Suisei Seki goes off to Sousei Seki's master's home. Jun and the rest come and help her and they find a comatose old lady. After some talking they go into the old man's dream world (I think it's his.) It's full of clocks and stuff and they find Sousei Seki and help him up. Suigin Tou shows up and Shinku and Hina Ichigo stay back to fight her while Jun, Suisei, and Sousei run away. Jun, Suisei and Sousei make their way into the old lady's dream world and find Kazuki (the deceased son) there. He's been keeping his mom from waking up and after a little chat about how his old man is sad and has no one left, Kazuki decides to stop keeping his mom to himself. Everyone later shows up in the old man's house after some fights with Suigin Tou and the episode ends with Suisei Seki and Sousei Seki staying at the old man's house minus the crazy/delusional stuff.

Rozen Maiden ep.10

I guess you can say this is my 2nd favorite episode. Shinku is in her dream world (which looks great) and is visited by Suigin Tou who challenges her to a one-on-one. Shinku agrees and we pan off to... Suisei Seki comes back because she's had an argument with Sousei Seki and Sousei Seki comes soon after and says this time, it was Suisei Seki's fault. Blah blah blah... Nori needs help with a neighborhood play she signed up for so she gets them all to help. The play in question is Snow White. Suisei Seki plays a very convincing witch, Shinku plays Snow White, Jun's the prince, Nori's the narrator (she says she wants to get the timing down) and the rest are dwarves. Jun gets embarrassed after they make fun of him for avoiding kissing Shinku but they all say he really wanted to kiss her. They're done with rehearsing and now the dolls are cleaning their clothes. Shinku goes up to chat with Jun and we can guess by now that Jun is a sewing genius. Night comes and Shinku leaves for the battle.

Rozen Maiden ep.11

Shinku's in a duel with Suigin Tou and they're in Suigin Tou's world now. Shinku's not too strong without the help of her medium and it gives time for Suigin Tou to trap Shinku, visit Jun via his computer screen (the bastard has a flat screen monitor) and trap him in his own dream world. Jun is haunted by failing a test that would have gotten him into an elite private school. He's made to go to to his zoned school and he was teased for sewing as a hobby. The classmates also make fun of his sister who he loves dearly but he couldn't protect her and thus we find the reason he became a hikikomori. He's crying to himself about how he's worthless and couldn't do anything until Nori smacks him hard then starts explaining she couldn't get Jun to open up to her and that she was worthless, too. Everyone's worthless at some point. Hina Ichigo, Suisei Seki and Sousei Seki come to rescue Shinku and hold off Suigin Tou a little before. Then everyone but Shinku has been knocked out of the fight and now it's a one-on-one again. Shinku's arm gets ripped off and she cries. The Alice Game is made to decide who becomes Alice, a very pure being. I'm guessing it's like Pinnochio and how they want to be real beings. If you saw the screencaps of ep10, the joints don't look too great... Jun runs away with Shinku when the others come back again...

Rozen Maiden ep.12 (final)

Jun runs off to a house he made when he was in elementary school and has a talk with Shinku. Shinku's in disbelief she can't be Alice anymore so Jun runs off to get her arm. Jun runs into Suigin Tou and has to get over his memories of being ridiculed and succeeds. Shinku's near and the ring fixes her arm and it's perfectly working again. Now Jun and Shinku fight Suigin Tou, who's no match for the two. Suigin Tou loses and dies. We see that Suigin Tou was scrapped as a doll (she was missing the middle part of her body) and the thing that kept her alive was that she could have a chance to meet Father. The story's pretty sad. She's gone now and we see Shinku telling Jun to not forget her. Shinku disappears and Jun returns to a normal life, though, he still has a little hikikomori in him.... until he comes home the same day after taking a little walk and finds all of them in his room. Turns out they really didn't go away. The end.


I didn't really care for the part where Jun was screaming he'd protect Shinku but the fights were fun to watch. I liked watching this. There might be a second season since the Alice Game hasn't ended and there are still more dolls that haven't been introduce.