Thursday, January 27, 2005

ANIME: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA3 ep.18

Heh. I said I'd never do a raw (episode(s) without subtitles) but I really love the Tenchi universe so... meh. I'm still waiting for a fansub of this but until then I'll make due with what I got. If you've seen Tenchi GXP before this... you've already been spoiled for some stuff like me =p

Misao's jealous and worried about Tenchi and his sister, Mihoshi. Seems he has a sister complex and thinks Tenchi is some kind of man whore. Misao's plotting to invade Earth while we find out Seto-sama (Jurai no oni-hime, or The Demon Princess of Jurai - if you will) has visited the Misaki household. Reminder: Seto is Noike's adopted mother and the grandmother of Ayeka and Sasami. Turns out Seto knew about everything that was going on from Yosho's disappearance, to Tenchi, to etc. Seto faints from sleep deprivation in the middle of a conversation. They find out she'll be fine so Sasami and the rest decide to cook her a meal when she's resting. Seto wakes up before dinner and has a "snack" in Washu's quarters. They finish the meal and are about to leave until they're transported elsewhere. Seems the Galaxy Police elites with Misao are trying to get Mihoshi back and separated all of them. Sasami, Ayeka, Washu and Ryoko each have a fight and the end of the episode comes...

QUICK IMPRESSION (without reading a spoiler thread):
Misao's Galaxy Police elites aren't worth shit (except for Mashisu because she's cool) and got their ass handed to them. They're trapped in this green slime and talking about something. One of them is definitely having flashbacks of getting whooped and I guess it's thanks to Ryouko. Skip a little and it turns out Mashisu is in love with Misao, which was the reason she agreed to help and we end up seeing Misao and Mashisu getting together (Tenchi GXP spoiled that already). The end of the episode WASN'T so fun...

INDEPTH SUMMARY (after reading spoiler thread):
Made me want to watch this episode over again after reading it. The four GP elites each lose their battle. Ayeka had the help of Ryo-Ohki which took care of one, Ryouko was so pissed from the last episode the guy she fought has whiplash (well flashbacks) and he's on the floor crying for her to stop, Washu is so strong she beats a huge, muscle man with a toy hammer (I think Washu put some kind of gravity in the room and knocked him out that way), and Sasami... wow... Sasami rocks. She beats Mashisu without a drop of sweat and we find out Sasami's Juraian speed is off the charts (if you've seen GXP, you know GXP officers are pretty damn quick themselves) and her hair decorations for her pigtails can transform into a staff which she subsequently used as a weapon. Ryouko on Ryo-Ohki (this Ryo-Ohki is the actual ship from the lake near the house and we see the "human-form" Ryo-Ohki with Tenchi and the rest) is attacking Chobimaru - big sphere shaped ship owned by Misao. Pan off to the GXP officers. They've been transported onto... TSUNAMI! If you don't remember, being on the NUMBER ONE JURAIAN TREE/SHIP (2nd class is highly classified as it is, think of how bad it is to be on *THE* ship) is not a good sign if you want to live. The officers are afraid for their lives now but they're assured they won't be executed which doesn't ease their fears and are even afraid to swallow and eat the food and drinks in front of them. They do so after a little coaxing and a taste of the drinks. They end up having a great time. We're brought back to Ryouko and her absolutely KILLING Chobimaru. Mashisu wants them to stop Ryouko but they say not much can be done so Mashisu teleports to Chobimaru. Misao's angry at Mashisu, I *think* Mashisu tells Misao he'll help her with his sister, Mashisu asks who Misao likes more soon after, Misao says he likes them both but he doesn't know what to do, Ryouko attacks near them and Mashisu protects Misao and has her blood on the floor after being hit in the head. A flashback or two of Mashisu/Misao and Mashisu telling him it was love at first sight. Misao tells her his feelings for her sister is because she's family and said something about wanting to protect Mashisu, too. Washu is heard speaking over them and he's talking to Misao about something and we see Misao and Mashisu were being tricked and were on Tsunami the whole time. Mashisu runs away and the girls yell at Misao to chase her. He does. Ryouko's still out there having her way with Chobimaru and now comes the ED... I almost missed it but there's more at the end of ep18. It's the start of another "normal" day in the Tenchi household and while Tenchi's out washing the carrots in the pond we see Washu and Noike talking to each other.

Something from the spoiler topic:

"Incidentally, in the final conversation between Washu and Noike, Noike wonders if Washu wants something after getting that look, Washu asks her what to call "her" (not gender specific, "What's your name?" , Noike doesn't understand, Washu says that she's asking the name of the one looking through Noike's eyes, Noike still doesn't follow, and then the eyes go blank and bad things happen."

Z is probably Noike's brother and Washu was speaking to Z. Or that's what I'm going with, too. Noike's out of it whenever her eyes turn dark like that and this warns Washu about something coming at them. Washu tells Tenchi to get away. The episode ends on possibly a very sad note when something flies down from the sky and is going straight for Tenchi. Tenchi is saved by the Light-Hawk wings but he's out in space now and looking down, he see's half of Earth destroyed.


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