Saturday, January 29, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Update (4:48PM): Scans from the Ichigo 100% OP single? Here's how the anime will probably look like.


Update (1:17PM): The Kyou/Tohru coupling sucks! Turns out that is what's happened in the manga and Yuki pussied out. The pairing is supposedly confirmed by Takaya Natsuki, the manga-ka, herself. At least I feel a little happy for the other pairings, though.

Read more at: Harusaki


Update (12:51PM): Naruto ch245 - Naruto's back in Konoha village and happy he's back. There's a Tsunade sculpted into the mountain where the Hokage's of the past and present lie. There's panels with Naruto, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Tsunade, Sakura, and Konohomaru. Seems Naruto isn't thrilled with Konohomaru after he said he had created a perverted jutsu... because Naruto has something that completely blows it out of the water. Kakashi tells them they're equals now (as in not being teacher to students but as colleagues) and wants to test them with the bell test we've seen in the first volume or so.

I really liked. It was like reading Naruto all over again and it got me laughing. The next chapter, hopefully, we get to see Naruto completely show up Sakura =p

Sakura also got a lot cuter ^_^


Lucky I'm inside and even feeling a little hot with the heater on. If you're wondering about the title, I didn't have anything in mind and so I opened my mp3 playlist and my eyes popped onto that Dean Martin song. It's fitting since it is pretty damn cold in New York...

Just a few things to get off my chest.

Naruto v28ch245

If you've been following the manga, you've probably been anticipating this, too. My love for this manga has dropped off a lot since I first started it three years ago. Naruto really got too annoying as a character even with his flashes of brilliance and Sasuke I wanted dead. I didn't really care for Sakura either. All might be saved beginning from this chapter, though.

A TIME JUMP! (of 2½ years or so)

I'm hoping this solves at least some problems that I disliked about it.

I'll get to reading this in about an hour...

Ichigo 100% Anime

Just to clarify, because I've already said this a million times on IRC, we should have the Ichigo 100% DVD in March.

From Yanime. Can't wait...

Great Teacher Onizuka

I'm more of a HKDVD (aka bootleg) consumer when buy DVDs. I haven' bought any recently but that's what I'd rather choose to buy. If you know which HKDVD company you're buying from you can often find R1 rips. DVDs that were copied from the US releases. They're usually in pretty good quality, too, and since I don't mind screwing others... it's all good for me. It hasn't happened often since I've been finding most of my stuff for downloading recently anyway. Even if I usually opt out for HKDVDs, though, there was a sale at Deep Discount DVD recently that was really an offer I couldn't pass up. $24 for the GTO boxset 1 of 2. Free shipping, too! There's 23 episodes on 5 DVDs. That's about $1.04 for each episode (and it comes with a free shirt - XL) and I really couldn't pass it up. I've already watched all of GTO but damn it's fun watching again. It also fills in the blank since I'm missing v01-v05 of the GTO manga...

If you want to buy it: CLICK HERE

Fruits Basket

Nothing to say but I'm currently downloading/watching this series again and it's a fun watch. The fansubs of this are old... I'm currently on ep16 and I'm waiting for the Kisa and Hana-chan episodes. Not sure if I want to watch the ending of it...

Super Bowl

Super Bowl XXXIX -- Sun., Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. ET on FOX

Damn... one more week...

The blog...

I have to say I got it to look pretty damn nice and neat. I'm currently trying to find a way to get a drop-down menu for the sidebar for "Anime: I've blogged or blogging..." and the manga equivalent. Just so I don't have to sort, through, the archives with it's massive amount of screencaps.

To Other Anime Bloggers: If you want me to add you to the Links section, just leave a message. It's awesome being on Momotato Daioh's and Matthew's Anime Blog's link section, though. Almost all my traffic is coming from them >_