Wednesday, January 26, 2005

MANGA: Akkan Baby (review)

Manga-ka: MIYAUCHI Saya
Genre: Shoujo > Comedy > Romance
Total Volumes: 3
Scanlator: TJo

Just wanted to get the word out on this since it's a good manga and I enjoyed it. It's been scanlated by TJo in it's entirety and it's a very fun read and can get serious when it needs to.

Yuki (commonly a girl's name but Yuki's a male) and Shigeru (commonly a boy's name but Shigeru's a female) are more or less sex friends (friends with benefits.) They met each other at a concert for their favorite rock group, Conflict (they're actually a big fan of the lead singer, Rui), and teamed up after and chased Conflict's van down. They all became good friends soon after because the whole group, especially Rui, thought they were both very funny. One day, Yuki and Shigeru, find Rui having sex with Nina (his girlfriend). They're staring at the two having sex in awe. Shigeru asks if he's ever... and he asks if she's ever... well... Yuki and Shigeru have their first time together soon after that little discussion before even knowing the others name. This doesn't bode well for them since Yuki and Shigeru both don't have much common sense, smarts and/or they're both a little crazy. Actually, it's definitely all three. They're in the same High School so they meet and hang out with each other a lot. Including sex. Shigeru's late with her period and doesn't know what a condom is when her friends talk about it... Guess what? She's pregnant. Yuki doesn't know. She's also just found out she loves Yuki. What is she going to do now?!

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