Friday, January 28, 2005

MANGA: Eden (review)

Manga-ka: ENDO Hiroki
Genre: Shounen/Seinen > Sci-fi > Action > Drama
Content: Violence, gore, nudity, etc. (Mature Readers Only)
Total Volumes: 11 (ongoing)
Scanlator: MangaProject

Ah... Eden. I didn't give it much of a try when I first downloaded about one or two volumes of it. I'll tell you right now I'm not particularly a big fan of anything that can be considered "dark" and I prefer my stuff to keep a smile on my face. There are of course a few exceptions, of course. Berserk, I've taken a liking to GANTZ, etc.

I didn't expect it to keep me interested and after reading MP's preview of it - "Eden takes place after a significant portion of the world's population has fallen to a virus that causes the victims' skin to turn hard, immobilizing and killing them by reducing them to empty shells. The survivors, be they patchwork cyborgs who have replaced their affected anatomy or children who are somehow immune, persevere by skirting, or courting, the resultant social and political anarchy." - I quickly dumped what I had downloaded in the good ol' Recycle Bin.

Well, I did download it again. All I can say is I read everything that was out (8 volumes scanlated) in two days and that's because I almost always stop myself from continuing if I'm afraid of a cliffhanger. It's actually been 10 months since I did that (the manga is released very slowly if you haven't noticed) but I had to plug it since I really do love this series. I'm still wishing for that happy ending, though.

Anyway... chapter 01 starts as a prologue. It's a pretty long prologue (115 pages or so.) The two main characters in the prologue (Enoa and Hana) are the parents of the main character, Eliah Ballard, in Eden. The young man's a sensible fellow and knows right from wrong. Good kid. There's plenty of other stories told here, as well. I'd prefer if they stuck with Eli... Enoa has made himself very powerful and of course this doesn't look good for his family in this world. People are after him and anything that belongs to him. Eli's out in the world now and just thinking about life with what was probably handed down to him from his father, the robot Cherubim. We watch him exploring and thinking about stuff until he's caught by mercenaries and is held hostage. That's pretty much all of volume one. Well it gets pretty fun after this. Eliah learns more about life while he's held captive, there's fun times with a prostitute he saved, we learn a little about his past, he becomes more of a man, etc. I really should get to re-reading it and/or reading the stuff that was released after I stopped...

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