Friday, January 21, 2005

SPORTS: Falcons/Eagles & Steelers/Patriots - AFC/NFC championship games...


I can't say who I love more. I love Vick because, well, he's a running QB. Always been a big fan of those. His stats for passing isn't too good, though. McNabb can also run a little but we'd all rather see him pass... to T.O. Too bad we won't. Not in this season... It'll be a sad day for any football fan (unless you're a Falcons fan and/or Eagles hater) if Philly loses for the 4th time and not making it to the Super Bowl.

I'm picking the Eagles.


Ah... it should have been Jets/Patriots but meh. Colts choked again and Patriots showed they can win with a "crappy" secondary.

I'm picking the Patriots.


I really should get to anime/manga blogging soon...