Friday, January 21, 2005

SPORTS: Hm... seems like I lied... LET'S TALK ABOUT THE NFL!

My anime viewing usually happens on the weekends so... yeah... I guess I read about 3-6 volumes during the week, though, so if I feel like posting about those... meh.


Well thanks to Paul Hackett/Herman Edwards and Doug Brien, the Jets lost. Herman Edwards fucked up calling for the FG so quickly when we had 40-50 seconds to toss a few more plays while Doug Brien had 2 big chances and messed them both up. I'm not sure if I'm caught up in the moment or what but football has become my favorite sport. Baseball and basketball really has too many games... <-- VOTE FOR JONATHAN VILMA, LB, NY JETS (PEPSI - Coke's better, IMO - Rookie of the Year award)

Why?! Look at the stats. Forgetting all the other rookies but Big Ben. Big Ben has 2 great WRs (Burress and Ward), 2 great RBs (Staley and THE MOTHER FUCKING BUS, BETTIS), and #1 ranked defense in the league. Big Ben really doesn't need to do much but toss it up there. He showed he wasn't consistent in the last few games and did you see him against the Jets?! Wow... we shouldn't have lost. Vilma on the other hand did more with less, possibly thanks to Donnie Henderson (rookie defensive coordinator), and became the "defense's QB" after Tongue injured himself. He's consistent and has very rarely disappointed the team.

It seems like we have a new offensive coordinator formerly of the Titans. I can't remember his name, yet, but he coached McNair to c0-MVP in 2003 so if Pennington can keep up... it'll be a big jump over Hackett. He's supposedly more aggressive (like Donnie Henderson) so it'll be awesome. What I'm crying now is we have about 4-6 players we need to keep from Free Agency but it doesn't look like we'll keep them. I'm not saying I know for sure but I'm a pessimist. I really hope we don't lose LaMont Jordan, though. In the seasons he's had it looks like he avg. about 4-5yds per touch. WOW... Almost makes me wish Curtis Martin would retire because I don't want to lose LaMont.

Well... that's all for now. I'm going to take a nap... I want to talk about the AFC/NFC championship games next...