Sunday, January 23, 2005

SPORTS: I called it!

A week after I went 0-4 in calling games (Jets, Rams, Vikings, and Colts lost), I'm on my way to a 2-0 this week. My back hurts like a motherfucker after shoveling snow and I came home cold as hell because I didn't want to go back in to get my bigger headphones that could have acted as earmuffs but meh.

Atlanta Falcons 10, Philadelphia Eagles 27

Vick can't throw at all and I don't see him doing it well anytime soon. Eagles owned them.

New England Patriots 41, Pittsburg Steelers 27

Wow... just wow... No matter how bad it gets for the Patriots they seem to win anyway. I keep reading their secondary isn't up to snuff because 1-2 CBs are injured but the backups do their shit.

The Super Bowl's looking to be a great game with a Patriots win (again.) Eagles will have to step it up a lot more then when they faced ATL. I'm calling Patriots.