Saturday, January 22, 2005

When too many thoughts are in your head...

11:16PM -- Don't eat that yellow snow... #2

Heh. It's still snowing here and I was just thinking I wanted to post about how nice it'd be to see a snowy football game. Steelers/Patriots is going to be a fun game and possibly the Philly game if both stadiums get snow.



I've had my iPod (4th generation, 20GB) since the end of December now... wow. There should be absolutely NO ONE that needs to use 20GBs of space. I have so much space that I wished I bought a iPod mini instead. I've recently started putting manga volumes on the iPod to save space on my 2nd HD (which is the 40GB drive that holds 90% of my manga) just because there's an overkill on HD space. I'm currently around 375-400 songs and counting, though...

Let's talk about the Knicks!

Lenny Wilkins! You're fired! Well, actually, he resigned. No way did I think he'd actually leave so quickly even if I was wishing for it, though. Herb Williams (he's undeafeated as head coach!) takes over and I wish he gets the Knicks to play better.

More at: Yahoo! News

Don't eat that yellow snow...

If you live in the North/East side of the US... I'm screwed with you. It's going to suck when I have to go out to shovel all this later... Too bad it didn't snow on Sunday, eh?

Anime talk - Futakoi (Spring) & Yakitate!! Japan

Here's a Yakitate!! Japan character poll (thanks to Memento.) Only 2 girls are in the top 10 >_< but I can deal since Tsukino is #2. Always so cute... All this about YakiJapan almost made me want to read past v10 or v11... I save chapters/volumes up before reading sometimes >_>

Thanks to Matthew for the scans... I haven't even finish Futakoi (Fall), yet, but I'm definitely waiting for this. The character designs look a lot better and the male lead (or who I assume to be the male lead) looks a lot cooler then Nozomu.

I'll have Grenadier finished soon and I might take some caps of anime I've seen already and blog it. Mahou Sensei Negima will probably come after Grenadier.