Thursday, February 24, 2005

Buzzer Beater, Beck, and The Move...

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Buzzer Beater

The complete Buzzer Beater manga (all 4 volumes) are up on Inoue's site if you want to read it. I feel the Buzzer Beater anime is just a way to make some easy cash...


After watching a lot of it, I have to say I'm not really LOVING the music and as much as my memory sucks I see that the anime doesn't show some stuff the manga did. Small things but I remembered them... Saitou-san swimming into Momo-sensei's vaginal area... Koyuki doing some sort of excersize near a tree after a problem he had... Why the hell did they change "Sister" into "Face"?


You're probably wondering WTF "The Move" is, right? New anime? new manga? It's none of the above. I'm in the process (very lazily I might add -- I've been bumming around trying to get people to help me) of moving to a new site. Thanks to Maestro4k.

Anyone else wanting an home (it comes with free E-mail too if you want it, let me know), write me at

Just let me know what subdomain you want (e.g.,, if you need MySQL, etc. I'll setup what you need.

I'll comment a bit more here about my offer for hosting bloggers at

Yes it's free, for now I can afford the hosting ($20 a month) and would be paying it anyway since I wanted my own site to blog from. (Although ironically now I'll probably do instead. *LOL*)

Yes a free E-mail account with it, that's not a biggie, I have about 3000 accounts I can setup so I'm not going to run out for a while. I'll run out of free subdomains ( first. (Only 150 of them.) That includes Webmail access BTW, but you should be able to access it through POP and IMAP if you want. I can also make you an aliase ( that forwards to an existing E-mail account, or if you want you can forego an E-mail account altogether.

You can use whatever blogging software you like (Movable Type, Word Press, etc.) I can give you shell access to setup what you need, or let me know and I'll set it up for you. If you need a MySQL database let me know, I'll have to set those up and enable access to it for you. It's not a big deal, just the way my hosting works.

Other stuff: Well any questions please ask me, I'm still sorting out all the details myself, I just came up with this idea last week. :)

Someone asked how I plan to pay for it. Like I said I can afford this plan without a problem for now, by the time it reaches a point where I need more, I should have enough traffic going to to the site to start doing some advertising (on the main site only). If that fails I can always beg for donations. :) Seriously though, I don't want the site to be a pain for anyone, but do want it to become self-sufficient eventually. I also have other things in the works that I can build up after I get a site with traffic to it.
Bottom Line: No, I will not advertise on your sites without permissions, and hope to never need ads on individual blogs ever. In the worst case, if I have to go to ads on blogs, existing blogs will not be affected, new ones will. Frankly I consider all those signing up now as beta testers, or more accurately, advisors, to help me build the best community-focused anime blogging site. I do ask that you include a link to the main site somewhere on the blog. Obviously right now it's not really needed since there's nothing there. ^_^;;;

I should note that I consider sites like and very limiting. I plan to always offer more freedom than they do. I'll also be quite happy to give you space and let you point your domain to it if you'd like.

And yes, I probably am nuts, but I think this is something that can work if done right. Too many sites lose track of their actually community base and ruin things. You guys I'm quite sure will keep me honest. If I do something funky you'll let me know ASAP I'm sure. ^_^;;;

Oh yeah, if you've E-mailed me and not gotten a response in a day or so let me know.

There's the info on it. I'll be moving to and I hope it works well.

I might update with anime/manga or I might now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Potato is the greatest anime dog ever!

Pero Pero from Kare Kano comes 2nd. Pero Pero is just weird after I skimmed v13 of the manga, though... They for real about the Kanagawa breed? ^_^

Monday, February 21, 2005


Just like Gundam Seed Destiny, I hadn't watched this 'till now. Even if I did mention to watch it. Don't get me wrong, I've read the manga about 3x over ever since I found v01-v12 or so of Beck from MS.

The anime is pretty nice. Not that the music is any good. Possibly the only two anime shows I liked more then 3 songs from were Gundam Seed and Cowboy Bebop (there is no doubt CB's music owns.) I prefer hearing nothing in the manga then what I've heard so far. NOTHING! That gaijin scene was annoying, too. JAPAN NEEDS TO STOP MENTIONING NEW YORK! It makes me cry to hear my city mentioned.

"My friends in NY died," my ass.

The English spoken in the anime isn't too bad, but it'll piss you off if you really wanted them to be perfect. There was also this bootleg Japanglish (think Spanglish) which got annoying.

"Those are never kuko-owie (my crappy pronunciation translation of the word cool) guys."

To those that have been following the manga but cried when it was licensed. MangaOne, a former AnimeOne sub-division, started from Beck v20. There's two chapters out so far.

Here's to hoping the new girl has something for Koyuki. Not that I dislike Maho. I miss her after watching Beck but someone once said, "what's life without a little romance?" and I like that saying.


Update (02.23.05): After watching a lot of it, I have to say I'm not really LOVING the music and as much as my memory sucks I see that the anime doesn't show some stuff the manga did. Small things but I remembered them... Saitou-san swimming into Momo-sensei's vaginal area... Koyuki doing some sort of excersize near a tree after a problem he had... Why the hell did they change "Sister" into "Face"?

Sunday, February 20, 2005

You're a racist!

That's what most people would think if they heard me speak. I throw racial slurs like they're not slurs at all. You won't believe that I laugh at the Japanese being great/playing well/etc. at (American) football (Eyeshield21), basketball (Slam Dunk & Dear Boys), boxing (Ippo), and there's probably more sports to list. I just don't believe it. Most of it seems fake. Not that I don't like the sports genre in anime/manga. It just makes me chuckle sometimes.

I just watched the first two episodes of Buzzer Beater.

You may wonder how the first paragraph had anything to do with Buzzer Beater but my train of mind brings up thoughts of racism. I say it now as to not surprise you later on.

Buzzer Beater is one of INOUE Takehiko's earlier works or at least I think it is. You may know Takehiko from Slam Dunk, the best basketball anime/manga so far. BB on the other hand is meh. We have ANOTHER annoying basketball player in Hideyoshi (Sakuragi was damn annoying, too) and this time, instead of black men dominating the sport, aliens have taken up the sport and dominates mankind. The best team is some Chicago Bulls rip-off (alien version) and there's a young guy leading the team named Gyuma who's probably a rip-off of Jordan. Hideyoshi probably becomes some kind of eternal rival to him later on or something. We have the intergalatic league in this and Earthlings are no match for the aliens. We see a Korean team playing for godsake. All I wondered was what happened to the black men...

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If you want to follow it, visit Sea Slugs! Anime Blog >> Buzzer Beater.

Update (02.23.05): The complete Buzzer Beater manga (all 4 volumes) are up on Inoue's site if you want to read it. I feel the Buzzer Beater anime is just a way to make some easy cash...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Gundam SEED Destiny looks so nice...

I should get to watching the sequel of my favorite Gundam anime... I was rewatching Gundam SEED and I'm still a dozen or so episodes away.

Lucas looks great, too. Also looks like I'll like two or three of the new characters. I just hope nothing bad happens to Lucas or Kira. I like them too much...

I'll post wallpapers since there's nothing else to say. If you're wondering what to do with so many wallpapers, use Panorama 32. It works fine on XP and I prefer it over 2 or 3 other wallpaper changers I've used. 148 MBs of wallpaper... lovely.

Wallpapers (thumbnails)

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Friday, February 18, 2005


Mangaka: Satou Kenetsu + Kimura Noboru
Genre: Shounen: Comedy / Romance / Fanservice / Action
Total Volumes: 3+ (as of 02.14.2005)
Scanlator: Yanime (HQ) & Anime-Source (MQ : up-to-date)

I'm sure you know what this is, since this is one of the most watched anime titles in 2004 and it's still going.

The manga on the other hand gets a lot less love even though they started at about the same time. The My-HiME manga is a different telling of the My-HiME story (with the same characters - there are some differences in personalities from the anime to manga) starring Tate instead of our heroine Mai. Not that Mai isn't shown a lot. It turns out some of the stuff done in the anime is explained in the manga pretty quickly so that rocked. It's different but at least we get an answer and don't have to wait. The manga puts a bigger emphasis on comedy, romance, and fanservice then the anime does. It's also little less serious then what you've probably been watching.

Tate has just arrived as a new student for Fuuka Gakuen and watches as a girl crying passes him by. Takeda Masashi (who's in his 3rd year in the manga) is his neighbor in the dorm he'll be staying at and he seems a lot more friendly. Masashi takes out Tate's shiinai but Tate seems to have problems with it and there's a big gash on his arm. The next day, Tate's late for his first day of school and while running an explosion happens behind him. It turns out it was Mai and Natsuki fighting it out. Natsuki goes after Tate because she believes he's someone's "key" but we later find out Tate is the "key" for both Natsuki and Mai. A key turns out to be the only way for a Child to be summoned and Tate's needed by Natsuki but Mai tries to be a nice girl and says she doesn't need him. It was cute when Natsuki names Tate Slave-kun.

The manga makes Natsuki a funner person but those that fell in love with the feigning indifferent Natsuki from the anime might not like the manga version. I personally love her since I wasn't a maniac of the anime in the first place. Natsuki's love for mayo is more prevalent in the manga, too. Natsuki and Mai are both little by little falling for our hero, Tate, and Tate for them. We're also rid of that ever annoying Shiho. It turns out she was almost raped but Tate stops his upper classmen from doing her anymore harm but Tate gets kicked out of a school he had a Kendo scholarship from (the reason he left and was invited by Fuuka Gakuen.) Shiho actually shows up and will probably stay starting from the end of ch22.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Recent anime shows you should get to watching...

...that started around the end of 2004. There's probably more to list but I'm not going to list them.


Yukio (also called Koyuki) is somewhat of a loser. He's not very popular, athletic or musically talented. In fact his favorite musician is an idol singer.

His life seems to be on an upswing when he gets reacquainted with a childhood friend, Izumi and when he meets Ryusuke, a musician with connections to the very popular American band, Dying Breed.

Through Izumi and Ryusuke, Yukio becomes acquainted with the world of rock music and finds that he loves the Dying Breed. He then aspires to be a musician and begins to learn the guitar. His quick progress with the guitar and his incredible voice earn him a spot in Ryusuke's band, Beck.

Hostile's note: Koyuki has a voice greater than Jesus -- don't like the songs like me, read the manga.

Gakuen Alice

Mikan is a girl full of energy living in a town somewhere in the country. She followed her best friend Hotaru who had moved, and she finally found Alice Gakuen which was the school Hotaru attended with it's own little town for the students to reside in. But it was a special school that only those who had special abilities called "Alice" could enter. She managed to temporarily enter the school but many hardships lie ahead. What would become of her school days?

Hostile's note: It has that Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha) vibe or that's what people say.

Gundam SEED Destiny

Absolutely nothing to say. Gundam SEED is one of the reasons that got me to not hate on robots/mecha as much as I used to. RahXephon and Nadesico are the others. I soon downloaded/watched/bought Gundam 0083, Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Gundam Wing and even tried Evangelion. I still prefer SEED to the others, RahXephon to Evangelion, and still don't much like super robots but it did it's job.

Hostile's note: If you want to get into SEED Destiny, watch Gundam SEED first. I'm still very fond of Lacus.

School Rumble

Tsukamoto Tenma is a 2nd year highschool student. Like many girls her age, she has fallen in love. However, currently she is unable to confess her feelings to the person she likes, her classmate, Karasuma Ouji yet. To add to that, she found out that Karasuma is transferring to another school in a year!

Nevertheless, supported by her sister Yakumo and her friends, Tenma tries to confess her feelings through various method like disguising herself as a nurse or firing countless arrow letters at Karasuma.

On the other hand, Harima Kenji, a 2nd year high school student (and a delinquent) is also in love with Tenma. Not being able to confess his feelings, Harima gets depressed day by day. In addition to that, witnessing Tenma and Karasuma having lunch together, the miserable Harima wandered off on a purportless journey.

Hostile's note: The show doesn't really get good until Harima becomes the focus point and he still remains the king when they star the other characters.


The Great Kanto Desert!

It is a desert of death where relics of the civilization, which fell hundreds years ago, stand like tombstones. It is severe place to live where it rises 50 degrees centigrade at noon, on the other hand, it becomes below zero degree at night.

SunaBouzu is a handy man in the desert, and he is so to call a professional of the desert. He works only for the self-interest of the clients. In this desert, it is useless to work for the world or for others. The might that realize one's desire has been the only virtue here.

Hostile's note: Don't let that synopsis get to you. Our man Suna is a short little pervert...

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

Morioka Kouhei wanted to become a photographer, but all pictures he took were of ghosts. While visiting an old castle in Germany he met a vampire girl named Hazuki.

Hazuki was confined in the castle. She tried to suck Kouhei's blood to make him her slave, but somehow it didn't work. However, because he happened to break the device to seal her into the castle, Hazuki successfully escaped from the castle and left for Japan to look for her mother.

When she arrived in Japan, she went to Kouhei's house in which he was living with his grandfather, and began to live with them forcefully. Because Kouhei had also lost his mother during his childhood, Hazuki reminded him of his childhood and helped her to look for her mother. Then, another vampire girl, "Elfried", and Count Kinkell came and tried to take her back.

Hostile's note: I've gotten so annoyed at the neko mimi (cat ears) that Hazuki actually looks cuter without them.

Yakitate!! Japan

Azuma Kazuma is a young baker. He has a dream that he will make Japanese bread, or Ja-pan (Ja is short for Japanese and pan is Japanese for bread), which will be better than any other bread in Japan or the world. He has solar hands, which are warmer palms than those of normal people, and they are very useful for making bread. With his solar hands and creative ideas, he will beat rivals who will appear one after another.

Hostile's note: One of the funniest manga titles I've read and it's still great after 13 volumes - go give it a try at the least.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

ANIME: Raimuiro Ryukitan X ep.01

Probably not something you should watch but I will for you. I just have to say I thought Raimuiro Senkitan (the first season and OVA) wasn't as bad as people said it was and if it had ended better, I would have loved it a lot more. Wonder who Shintaro chose in the end... and yes, I actually had to look up his name since it's been so long.

This season really doesn't look so good, though. Possibly the only saving grace is the girls and this set so far is nowhere near as good as the first one. Kyoushirou is the commanding officer of the Apprehension Army Lime Force (the group of girls) and he seems like some hot-blooded fool. Not a big fan of those especially in addition to him being a super robot. Damn super robots...

Ryukitan X takes places a year after the last anime and we're back on the Amanohara (I think that was the name) and it turns out the ship's medium, the chibi triplets, the nurse and the ship's captain is still there.

We have Tsumugi (the blonde with glasses), Iinishiki (she looks like a kendo girl and possibly the most mysterious), Kasuri (loli ninja?), Aya (clumsy scientist), and Shuro (the most adult-looking and sort of boyish). I have no idea about any of the enemies but it doesn't look like they have some backstory with Kyoushirou like Shintaro had.