Thursday, February 03, 2005

ANIME: Ah! My Goddess TV ep.01

At first, I had expected everything to go as quickly as the OVAs before it but after 3 episodes in... I was completely wrong. COM-PLETE-LY. For those following the manga like me, though, it isn't too bad or at least not to me. There's a bunch of filler and a very slow-paced plot. I don't see how this show won't get more then 26 episodes unless it wants to leave us hanging. I'm hoping it does well.

Two notes on the name K1 for Keiichi: 1) K1 is also a sport as in K1 racing and K1 is a fan of K1 and things with wheels in general and 2) K1 = K + Ichi (which is the "one" in Japanese).

Now that we have that out of the way K1 leads a pretty unlucky life though he's optimistic and a great person in general. K1 was just turned down a few days ago after he finally had the courage to ask someone out and now he's made to help his sempais (upper classmen) make some money. The kid runs off after hearing the initial price before they said it's actually half off. K1 catches them after taking a shortcut into the university and after catching up is robbed of all his money from the people he ran over or caused trouble for. To make things worse, when he gets home he's made to stay while his buddies go party. This gets him down at first but he brushes his shoulder (shrugs it off) and does the work he was asked to. Good guy, right? It's about time he got someone to fall for him... He remembers he needed to return some videos but needed to hurry because he had to make a call for someone but while rushing back home, plays the good samaritan and helps a little girl that had lost her mom's wallet. He makes the call and The Goddess Helpline makes a call to him and we get our first real glimpse of Belldandy and K1 in shock.

For those that have read the manga and don't care for the slower pace, skip to episode 3 when they finally move into the temple and we get a peak at Holy Bell.