Friday, February 04, 2005

ANIME: Ah! My Goddess TV ep.02

K1 makes the wish for a Goddess like Belldandy to always stay with him and God accepts the wish. I was pretty sure that played out differently in the manga... and so I checked (It's been awhile but the first few volumes are gawdawful ugly) and I was right. God in the manga says it's too late after a wish was made to change it back. I was also sure wishes like K1's aren't suppose to come through in their system (Yggdrasil) but Belldandy and K1 knew each other way before this (before having their memories erased of when they were little and played together as kids and were a cute couple) and Belldandy subconciously or remembered somehow and fixed something so she could stay. I don't know... it's fun thinking Belldandy is underhanded in some way given her saintly outer appearance. I don't remember everything that happened during the manga so I could have been proved wrong already.

This episode is pretty much K1 accepting the fact about Belldandy, them getting kicked out, them trying to find a place to sleep, and we ended the episode with them sleeping in a car.

  • If K1 made the wish that they stay together forever, is there an afterlife where they can be together?
  • The "ultimate force" isn't very fun
  • Anticipation for Urd and Skuld is high