Friday, February 04, 2005

ANIME: Ah! My Goddess TV ep.03

We learn counting sheep doesn't work against a Goddess. K1's poor and decides he needs to make some money. Belldandy makes an incantation for some help and Hijiri, the girl K1 helped out before, pays for some food (that is, Hijiri's mom did.) K1 tries to hide the fact that Belldandy is a Goddess and she isn't too good with that. They ran away... K1 tries to find a place to live to no avail and chases after the money that flew away. They end up at the temple we all know too well and there's a Buddhist priest that knocks out K1 for what he believed was stealing from the offerings. Things happen and K1 and Belldandy are allowed to stay in the temple if they help out with the chores. Belldandy shows cleaning half the temple is nothing while K1's out of breath and tired. The priest is suspicious of Belldandy because he senses a presence from her. The priest stakes her out but falls asleep instead until he wakes up and finds Belldandy and Holy Bell fixing all the stuff that needs to be fixed or cleaned with her heavenly (singing) voice. (Belldandy and Holy Bell were actually turning back time to when the temple was new and clean) The priest laments he hasn't attained true enlightenment like Belldandy and bids farewell. He leaves the temple with K1 and there we have it!

  • Temples are ALWAYS a good place to live in
  • Belldandy tricked the priest and didn't say she was actually a Goddess
  • Every anime has a spit joke?