Saturday, February 05, 2005

ANIME: Ah! My Goddess TV ep.04

Sayoko vs. Belldandy! or not...

More like Sayoko tries to harass our little Goddess but fails miserably.

K1 starts the day off eating Belldandy's cooking and when he remembers he has class, he goes off before Belldandy stops him to see if she could come along. Sayoko is the Queen (the most popular, well-known person) in the Nekomi Institute of Technology until Belldandy strolls along with K1 and everyone runs to her instead. Belldandy has no idea what's going on and confused as to what was going on. Sayoko declares war and tries her best but nothing works. She goes after K1 in the end (remember the ultimate force) but K1 tells her, she has already rejected him and she's a little shocked at how he can just smile it off.

  • The Dean is pretty free in giving or allowing Belldandy to enter into the school
  • Sayoko REALLY isn't that beautiful in the anime compared to Belldandy
  • Sayoko isn't that bad a person
  • Belldandy is a ninja
  • People get annoying when they diss K1 for having Belldandy


Edit: I forgot to post this site but Gateway to teh Goddesses has a overanalysis I like and the site's a great A!MG fansite.