Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Ah... the favorite anime show of 2005, so far. Everyone and their mothers are blogging this so there's absolutely nothing to say (well there are A FEW things to say...) I have not played the game or read any spoilers on the game so all I have are stupid comments to make and pretty pictures to post. Lovely. Hover over the pictures, please.

I like this anime, so far. Not because I'm liking the story but I love the characters and it's a funny show. This show just made me download all of Kanon (Key is the creator of both) from Porygon2 in Ishin's IRC channel. Go get all 2.58GB you'd like. Only took about 4-5 hours. I can't wait to watch that one, too.

For a indepth summary of AIR TV 01, go to Satoshi's Corner.

  • "Gao" has to be the cutest phrase I've heard in awhile
  • Misuzu is pretty damn cute, too
  • If this was a hentai game... Misuzu would have been raped in the first episode
  • I am definitely a freefreeplanetling until the day I get kicked out my the house

Since I didn't have much to say, I'll leave you with the two AIR wallpapers I have.

The latter one is my favorite of the two.