Thursday, February 10, 2005

ANIME: Comic Party Revolution ep.03

It's been A LONG TIME since I last saw episode 02 so I could barely remember who's who but it was a good episode, none the less. This episode has our group of doujinshi-making whores playing baseball (ain't no softcore softball but unadulterated baseball!)


The episode starts off with Onsen Panda (Yuu) and Eimi-chan-sama arguing with Minami over the placement of their spots in the next convention. It turns out Panda and Eimi are stuck with the exact same spot and there is absolutely no other place to put them. Minami tries to drop some humility into them by asking them to share but if you've seen ComiPa (I *JUST* noticed that's also short for Comic Party) that they playfully dislike each other. Taishi's annoying self pops in and calls for some sort of battle. We end up with a game of baseball in the end.

Panda is quick to think of Kazuki and in no time tells him he's joined the team and being the nice guy he is... he plays. Taishi of course joins Kazuki and they look for more men. Their next stop? Mizuki! (Kazuki really needs to make Mizuki is girl before it's too late) Mizuki is a softball player who reluctantly joins Panda's team after being told the Koushien wouldn't be a dream by Taishi. Those that watch anime or read manga should probably know but the Koushien is a High School baseball tournament and most of the people in ComiPa are now university students. Chisa (the "onii-chan!" girl) after being bribed with 3k copies to print, Subaru after being asked by Kazuki, Reiko probably joining just to make a cosplay baseball uniform, and Reiko's friends being forced by Panda... we have our (Panda's) team! They have about a week to train and the way they train is... READ BASEBALL MANGA! THE POWER!!

Whatever time has passed and it's the day of the game!

Eimi is pissed off at Panda for being late until they finally appear. We finally meet Eimi-chan-sama's team. We have Eimi (of course), the two annoying comic convention goers we should know full and well (the short, fat man and tall, skinny man), Aya (our cute, silent-type who Kazuki couldn't get in contact with but was asked first by Eimi to play), THE MONSTER! (exclaimation point to prove a point that he is what he is - no idea what his name is), and our two traitors Chisa and Taishi. Chisa was bribed with 5k copies to print from Eimi and it seems Taishi and most likely the "two annoying comic convention goers" were bribed with a free copy of Eimi's latest release.

Both teams don't have the numbers (9 players) but they move forward. Minami is our umpire for the game. Minami asks for the team names to start the game and after a little discussion of Eimi's team name (when the name of the team is clearly written on their uniforms)...

"We'll start the Inobou Rockers vs. Pretty Penguins match!"

"First is the opening ceremony."

Wow... they even had the opening ceremony. Sakura Asahi, an idol, makes the opening pitch and throws a perfect strike (wasn't a good looking pitch, though.) "How'd she do that?!," you ask? Easy! "I watched baseball anime to practice." Panda tells Asahi she's in the team after tossing a cap on her and... there we have it!


Mizuki is our pitcher for the Rockers and it turns out she's pretty good. Mizuki gets a K against the leadoff hitter, tall/skinny guy. Chisa is the second at bat and in extremely cutesy swings wildly, hits a small floater to right field and it's good but Chisa is new to the game and gets yelled at by Eimi to run and instead runs to 3rd instead. Chisa's out! The 3rd batter is... THE MONSTER! He hits the first pitch thrown straight into the middle field fence (I mean INTO the fence) and it gets stuck before Subaru pulls it out and THE MONSTER easily takes second by merely walking. Mizuki has two outs, one in scoring position but up next is Eimi. As you can guess, Eimi isn't a competent batter and we have the sides switch.

Eimi is the pitcher for the Pretty Penguins and she really throws like a girl but I guess it's good enough. Taishi makes a play against leadoff hitter, Reiko's grounder, and it reminded me of Jeter's one-hop throw to 1st. Kazuki our 2nd batter hits a great ball into shallow outfield but THE MONSTER is their outfielder and makes a perfect play to get our boy out. Subaru is 3rd and hits a grounder past Bill Buckn... err... Chisa but THE MONSTER is there and gets the throw to first.

Short, fat guy is up 4th and gets struck out quickly. Taishi is the 5th batter for the Pretty Penguins and talks big and loud like he usually does and then gets called out on a strike three after he finished his speech. Aya makes a bunt and lazily runs (or maybe that's just her speed) which gets an easy out for a quick side switch.

We're in the skipping phase of the baseball game now since they obviously can't show an entire baseball game. Mizuki is back pitching and THE MONSTER is up to bat. Subaru with "guts!" hops the fence and leaps off it trying to catch MONSTER's HR ball but it wasn't to play out. Some hijinxs are shown and we're back to the "serious" game.

Eimi is tired and Aya volunteers to be the relief pitcher. Needless to say after some practice pitches... AYA THROWS UNDERHANDED WITH NO WIND UP, LEG LIFT, NO FOLLOW THROUGH, AND IT'S AN EASY HIT FOR BATTERS! GUESS WHAT, AYA?! That pitch rocks the world. It's so wierdly thrown and slowly coming at you that the ball literally curves around bats when it should be an easy hit and easily relieves most players. We're back with Mizuki and she's showing signs (big neon signs) of fatigue after walking Chisa. THE MONSTER is up to bat so Kazuki calls "time" to have a chat with the pitcher. Kazuki asks if maybe she should rest but Mizuki promised Coach and after a little "what the fuck?" at what was going on and to who Coach is which included a flashback, Mizuki is as good as new and decides to continue.

"Takase Tornado!," screams Mizuki and throws a very strongly thrown ball which THE MONSTER hits but the bat breaks and gets the strike out. Turns out it was the most dangerous technique she learned and whatnot. The game continues with Aya and she's still dominating. Panda has called in a special player (Ikumi who was just brought in by the ambulance and sickly) and tells them "To hit that wishy-washy ball, the batter must be wishy-washy as well!" THE MONSTER is shocked at Ikumi playing baseball and is moved to tears. Ikumi DOES hit the ball but it's going straight to THE MONSTER for the out but instead hits him in the face and says he can't catch that throw because it was hit by Ikumi. The game would have ended but no luck and Aya pulls out since she won't be able to continue drawing and writing doujinshis if she continued any longer.

Panda challenges Eimi to a final battle and Eimi takes the mound. There's a called strike, a foul ball, and the 3rd pitch is hit barely fair near third but THE MONSTER chases it down and is there to catch it but sees Ikumi running for home and can't throw the ball. He's in tears again but finally throws home but Ikumi is safe since THE MONSTER couldn't see and overthrows the catcher straight into the wall behind the batter's box. Panda is running for home but the catcher flips it to Eimi, Panda slides... AND SHE'S OUT! GAME OVER! THE GAME IS OVER!

The score? 4 all. That's right. A tie game.

Eimi and Panda scream for extra innings but everyone's left after they turn around to see them walking away and Minami the umpire even disappears after they turn back to her.

The credits roll and again... something I almost missed by not giving a damn about OPs and EDs since I don't care much for Japanese music. Eimi and Panda are sharing a table and they have the obligatory drawn line seperating their side. They're of course arguing with each other.


That was a pretty fun show to blog. Don't know why but I guess it was because of the actual baseball game. After watching the NY Jets losing and following the Knicks failure of the '04-'05 season, I wanted something better then only the Knicks. Baseball season is just around the corner for the Yankees (with Randy Johnson who I love) and the "new Mets."