Sunday, February 06, 2005

ANIME: Eyeshield21 Jump Festa 2004

A football anime! The only one that I know of... to those that have read the manga, this episode is for the Golden Bowl.

We start off with Sena running with his lightning speed and outrunning a few thug skaterboarders... then taking a dump at home. Seems like he needed to go badly... Cut back to the skaters and a man in a limo says those thugs are from his lovely alma mater, Uraharajuku High School, and the skaters were in the Uraharajuku Boarders (the school's football team). We find out shortly after he's the Governer of Tokyoto (Tokyo) and he's bitching about the Boarders not making the Kantou tournament and says it's too bad he can't let them play on. The Governer receives a call from Mutou (he said he was new and the Governer's never heard of him) from the HS American Football Department and it turns out he's in charge now. He calls with an oppurtunity for the Boarders to play in the Kantou tourney and the Governer's intrigued.

Pan off to Deimon HS' football club, the Devilbats, and Mamori explains there'll be a loser's comeback game due to Shizuoka having to drop out due to food poisoning (Shizuoka must have only the minimum amount of players...) Turns out the Devilbats were recruiting only a few days ago but can't play with the new guys since they aren't in the school, yet. That was probably a way to make us read the manga. They're to play in Shounen Field and wonder where that is until they're lead into the field which turns out to be a place for motorcycle gangs. In comes Hiruma with his fucking guns and shit... and tears the place up. The gangs scatter but the field's obviously messed up and Hiruma tells them he has a better place to play and tells them to scout (the opposing team) with him. The two puny ones are without Hiruma who's being scanned for guns and the pile gets pretty high but while he's away, the two puny ones are being picked on and intimidated by football players who smoke and drink.

The field is being set in the middle of Tokyo now. They're spraypainting the lines, FG post, and everything on ASPHALT! OH NOES! The Devilbats are a little scared of playing on it but the Boarders are used to it being skaters and the like. *insert football game where the Devilbats choke for the 1st half then owns in the 2nd half*

Game ends - 54 Deimon Devilbats, 14 Uraharajuku Boarders

The Governer's pissed off and makes a call to the HS American Football Department and curses Mutou off right off the bat but is told later that there is no Mutou and Shizuoka didn't have a case of food poisoning. The HS AFD tell the Governer that it was him who sent in the Golden Bowl idea and told him to take responsibility since a lot of people saw the game. The Devilbats are being apologized by the Governer who's on his knees and begging for forgiveness. Everyone is a little surprised at what happened except Hiruma who says all will be forgotten with the use of some facilities, mainly the Tokyo Tower. Watch to the end past the credits and the Governer's angry at whatever set up the conspiracy. We're back in Deimon's club room and Mamori gives Hiruma a stick of Mutou gum. *wink wink* Hiruma gets a call and speaks as Mutou...

  • Hiruma is fucking funny when he says the word "fucking" all the time
  • Japanese people playing football makes me laugh (the short bastards)
  • Hiruma carries a lot of fucking guns
  • I should read more of the manga...