Monday, February 14, 2005

ANIME: Futakoi (Fall) Final Impression

Twin Love! So many sets of twins that you can't help but fall for at least one pair. It's like the lazy way out to getting people to like your characters (think of Mahou Sensei Negima! and Negi's class of 31 or so girls.) I DID get tired of the bitching about how most of the twins weren't different enough, though. I thought most real life twins weren't so different from each other, what with the sixth sense and all that shit. Of the 6 set of twins, there were at least 3 that clearly were different from each other - Sara and Soujuu, Sumeireko and Kaoruko, and Momoi-sensei and her sister.

Nozomu is our "loser" protagonist in this harem/romantic/comedy. I almost never look at romantic/comedy protagonists as losers even though a lot of people say they are. I think the kids are just jealous. JEALOUS! Or it could be I place myself into the main character's place (when they're male) since I almost always prefer the main character to be male and there should be some sort of love story in place (what's life without a little romance, right?) I know it's hard for me to like an anime if I don't at least somewhat like the main character. It IS kind of shocking he has 5 of the 6 twins wrapped around his finger, I guess...

I didn't really take to the art since I guess some of them could have looked a little older (similar to Yuuya) but that'll probably be happening in Futakoi (Spring) and I can't wait.

Futakoi ends happily without much of a conclusion and everyone happy. It didn't bother me that much. It does seem like Nozomu would pick Kaoruko in the end, though. Anyone play the game know the "true ending"? I don't know much about Japanese date-sims/hentai games but there's always a true ending, isn't there? I almost thought Nozomu was going to leave for Hawaii when his father asked him to come since he's a coward.

Twin love ranking:
#1 - Sara and Soujuu (they didn't get much screentime but they rock - especially Sara when she's cute)
#2 - Kaoruko and Sumeireko (they broke down for about 10 minutes but all is well)
#3 - Momoi-sensei and her sister (Adult Cosplay!)
#4 - Kira and Yura (it would have been funner if they were the ones that broke down)
#5 - Lulu and Lala (Sara and Soujuu make better "little sisters" for obvious reasons - someone kill Billy)
#6 - Ui and Koi (Bottom of the barrel, girls...)

Random note: I really use slang/ghetto speech too much when I'm watching or reading something. Be glad I don't do it too much when I type online. I start spouting it outloud when I read or watch.