Saturday, February 12, 2005

ANIME: Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ ep.03

Refer to Matthew's Anime Blog and/or Satoshi's Corner for a summary of episode 03.

I said before that I had something to say in response to a post at Satoshi's Corner (MAHORABA ~HEARTFUL DAYS~ NOTES) and I'll say it now. The way I see it, so far. I think Kozue had the multiple personality disorder around the time Shiratori left. I've heard Mahoraba doesn't get too serious so I'm thinking instead of something serious or very traumatizing, Kozue saw Shiratori naked somehow when they were children (which would explain why she changes when something "sexual" happens) and that in typical romance/comedy fashion she knocked Shiratori out so he's forgotten the whole thing. Note: I could have been proven completely wrong already since I don't pay attention much.

As for episode 03: I haven't even seen it, yet, but I read the manga chapter of it so I only took screencaps. Nanako is cuter then Saki so far. There seems to be a fetish for boxes and umeboshi... I have no idea how Asami was born from her mother, either. Wierdest mother/daughter combo I've seen in awhile. and... I just thought of the Gilmore Girls (WB) for some reason...