Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ANIME: UG Ultimate Girl ep.01

An anime about three cute girls, bad jokes, genital grabbing (well... as close to it as it can get without it actually being genitals), transformations-into-giant-superheroes, and a random monster of the week, in the three episodes I've watched. Definitely not something I'd recommend to anyone but it's short and a quick, fun watch.

We're introduced to KOHARUNO Silk (who I assume is the main heroine), OHTORI Vivienne (I'll probably call her Vivian), and MOROBOSHI Tsubomi. We start the show off with Makoto (Tsubomi's older brother) and the three greeting each other, a monster appearing, UFO man showing up, UFO man stepping on the three girls and killing them, UFO man bringing them back to life, UFO man losing his powers, and Silk transforming by grabbing UFO man's stick (see?! the bottom of chibi UFO man elongates), Silk losing her clothes, and Silk destroying the monster after much embarassment.

  • Silk likes Tsubomi's brother, Makoto
  • Makoto is in a journalism or photography club
  • UFO Man P is first used as Silk's name and can mean UFO pussy (Manpii is a euphemism of Manko which means pussy in Japanese)
  • You'll always end up naked after a fight