Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ANIME: UG Ultimate Girl ep.02

Silk's back to being a regular schoolgirl until another monster attacks shortly after. Silk tells them she's too embarassed to transform and go into battle again when UFO man tells her to fight. Tsubomi volunteers for the job and says that since all of them have some of UFO man's power, they all can transform. Insert "MOTHERFUCKING STAB ME NOW!" transformation scene (Copyright to Hostile / 2005) after Tsubomi gets completely naked for absolutely no reason but for those who're watching and we have giant Tsubomi in her UFO girl suit. Tsubomi is an uninhibited, outgoing girl who just so happens to be a cosplayer so embarassment is nothing to her and after announcing to the world she/they are Ultimate Girl(s), Tsubomi tries to fight this week's monster (note: I don't give a damn about the monsters.) Tsubomi gets her ass kicked and transforms back into a normal girl. UFO man's begging Silk to fight now. Vivian has a flashback of her mother (who has a funny voice) telling her a "nadeshiko" (a true Japanese beauty who's graceful and all that) shouldn't show skin in public. Silk's still saying no and Vivian decides it's for the best that she do it. The second "MOTHERFUCKING STAB ME NOW!" transformation scene comes into effect and we get Ultimate Girl Big Boob... or just Ultimate Girl Vivi. The fight between Vivian and episode 02's monster of the week turns out to be monster of two weeks. We continue next episode.