Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ANIME: UG Ultimate Girl ep.04

It's the annual check-up where pervert doctors are allowed to look at girls in bras and panties and check their weight and bra size. Shouldn't it be only female teachers/nurses that are allowed to check the girls? Good stuff either way. Tsubomi grabs Silk's breasts and Silk calls her Ecchi Monster. Makoto jumps in, not embarassed at all, and takes pictures trying to look for the monster then leaves soon after Tsubomi tells him she's the monster. The fool would probably toss out those rolls of film, too.

Turns out Vivi has a crush or is in love with Silk but Silk misinterprets it as Vivi liking Makoto. Silk knows she has no chance against Vivi... I'd prefer if Silk didn't all of a sudden become a homosexual but that's only because I like the male and female leads to like each other. Marimite might very well end up being the only anime I'd like watching a girl/girl or boy/boy.

Monster of the Week - MotW - shows up (as I said before, they don't deserve names) and it's some sort of doctor. Makoto rushes out in his motorcycle to take pictures of his love and Silk is scared Makoto might find out she's an Ultimate Girl so Tsobomi rushes in naked and all and grabs UFO Man's genitals to transform. We don't get the crappy transformation scene so at least that's good. UFO Man's a little irked since he doesn't believe Tsubomi can do anything. Tsubomi's losing more and more of her clothing while being photographed by a few dozen people but she's still not getting any M.O.E. power. Ultimate Loli is a smart girl, though, and faints and asks the doctor to take care of her. Nice acting. MotW pulls out his genitals and Tsubomi rips it off with her "Rolling Thunder." Game Over. Tsubomi doesn't mind being found out that she's Ultimate Loli but Vivi tricks her into believe a super hero's identity should remain a secret. Makoto ponders why Ultimate Loli looks familiar to a naked body he's seen. Nothing else to say about this episode other then Silk has a sister and she's the newscaster we see a lot.

Silk is the Ultimate Little Boobs - Vivi is the Ultimate Big Boobs - Tsubomi is the Ultimate Loli

Random thought: The last two MotW appeared after we saw a train station and a doctor, respectively.

Next episode: Cosplay goodness?