Monday, February 21, 2005


Just like Gundam Seed Destiny, I hadn't watched this 'till now. Even if I did mention to watch it. Don't get me wrong, I've read the manga about 3x over ever since I found v01-v12 or so of Beck from MS.

The anime is pretty nice. Not that the music is any good. Possibly the only two anime shows I liked more then 3 songs from were Gundam Seed and Cowboy Bebop (there is no doubt CB's music owns.) I prefer hearing nothing in the manga then what I've heard so far. NOTHING! That gaijin scene was annoying, too. JAPAN NEEDS TO STOP MENTIONING NEW YORK! It makes me cry to hear my city mentioned.

"My friends in NY died," my ass.

The English spoken in the anime isn't too bad, but it'll piss you off if you really wanted them to be perfect. There was also this bootleg Japanglish (think Spanglish) which got annoying.

"Those are never kuko-owie (my crappy pronunciation translation of the word cool) guys."

To those that have been following the manga but cried when it was licensed. MangaOne, a former AnimeOne sub-division, started from Beck v20. There's two chapters out so far.

Here's to hoping the new girl has something for Koyuki. Not that I dislike Maho. I miss her after watching Beck but someone once said, "what's life without a little romance?" and I like that saying.


Update (02.23.05): After watching a lot of it, I have to say I'm not really LOVING the music and as much as my memory sucks I see that the anime doesn't show some stuff the manga did. Small things but I remembered them... Saitou-san swimming into Momo-sensei's vaginal area... Koyuki doing some sort of excersize near a tree after a problem he had... Why the hell did they change "Sister" into "Face"?