Thursday, February 24, 2005

Buzzer Beater, Beck, and The Move...

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Buzzer Beater

The complete Buzzer Beater manga (all 4 volumes) are up on Inoue's site if you want to read it. I feel the Buzzer Beater anime is just a way to make some easy cash...


After watching a lot of it, I have to say I'm not really LOVING the music and as much as my memory sucks I see that the anime doesn't show some stuff the manga did. Small things but I remembered them... Saitou-san swimming into Momo-sensei's vaginal area... Koyuki doing some sort of excersize near a tree after a problem he had... Why the hell did they change "Sister" into "Face"?


You're probably wondering WTF "The Move" is, right? New anime? new manga? It's none of the above. I'm in the process (very lazily I might add -- I've been bumming around trying to get people to help me) of moving to a new site. Thanks to Maestro4k.

Anyone else wanting an home (it comes with free E-mail too if you want it, let me know), write me at

Just let me know what subdomain you want (e.g.,, if you need MySQL, etc. I'll setup what you need.

I'll comment a bit more here about my offer for hosting bloggers at

Yes it's free, for now I can afford the hosting ($20 a month) and would be paying it anyway since I wanted my own site to blog from. (Although ironically now I'll probably do instead. *LOL*)

Yes a free E-mail account with it, that's not a biggie, I have about 3000 accounts I can setup so I'm not going to run out for a while. I'll run out of free subdomains ( first. (Only 150 of them.) That includes Webmail access BTW, but you should be able to access it through POP and IMAP if you want. I can also make you an aliase ( that forwards to an existing E-mail account, or if you want you can forego an E-mail account altogether.

You can use whatever blogging software you like (Movable Type, Word Press, etc.) I can give you shell access to setup what you need, or let me know and I'll set it up for you. If you need a MySQL database let me know, I'll have to set those up and enable access to it for you. It's not a big deal, just the way my hosting works.

Other stuff: Well any questions please ask me, I'm still sorting out all the details myself, I just came up with this idea last week. :)

Someone asked how I plan to pay for it. Like I said I can afford this plan without a problem for now, by the time it reaches a point where I need more, I should have enough traffic going to to the site to start doing some advertising (on the main site only). If that fails I can always beg for donations. :) Seriously though, I don't want the site to be a pain for anyone, but do want it to become self-sufficient eventually. I also have other things in the works that I can build up after I get a site with traffic to it.
Bottom Line: No, I will not advertise on your sites without permissions, and hope to never need ads on individual blogs ever. In the worst case, if I have to go to ads on blogs, existing blogs will not be affected, new ones will. Frankly I consider all those signing up now as beta testers, or more accurately, advisors, to help me build the best community-focused anime blogging site. I do ask that you include a link to the main site somewhere on the blog. Obviously right now it's not really needed since there's nothing there. ^_^;;;

I should note that I consider sites like and very limiting. I plan to always offer more freedom than they do. I'll also be quite happy to give you space and let you point your domain to it if you'd like.

And yes, I probably am nuts, but I think this is something that can work if done right. Too many sites lose track of their actually community base and ruin things. You guys I'm quite sure will keep me honest. If I do something funky you'll let me know ASAP I'm sure. ^_^;;;

Oh yeah, if you've E-mailed me and not gotten a response in a day or so let me know.

There's the info on it. I'll be moving to and I hope it works well.

I might update with anime/manga or I might now.