Friday, February 18, 2005


Mangaka: Satou Kenetsu + Kimura Noboru
Genre: Shounen: Comedy / Romance / Fanservice / Action
Total Volumes: 3+ (as of 02.14.2005)
Scanlator: Yanime (HQ) & Anime-Source (MQ : up-to-date)

I'm sure you know what this is, since this is one of the most watched anime titles in 2004 and it's still going.

The manga on the other hand gets a lot less love even though they started at about the same time. The My-HiME manga is a different telling of the My-HiME story (with the same characters - there are some differences in personalities from the anime to manga) starring Tate instead of our heroine Mai. Not that Mai isn't shown a lot. It turns out some of the stuff done in the anime is explained in the manga pretty quickly so that rocked. It's different but at least we get an answer and don't have to wait. The manga puts a bigger emphasis on comedy, romance, and fanservice then the anime does. It's also little less serious then what you've probably been watching.

Tate has just arrived as a new student for Fuuka Gakuen and watches as a girl crying passes him by. Takeda Masashi (who's in his 3rd year in the manga) is his neighbor in the dorm he'll be staying at and he seems a lot more friendly. Masashi takes out Tate's shiinai but Tate seems to have problems with it and there's a big gash on his arm. The next day, Tate's late for his first day of school and while running an explosion happens behind him. It turns out it was Mai and Natsuki fighting it out. Natsuki goes after Tate because she believes he's someone's "key" but we later find out Tate is the "key" for both Natsuki and Mai. A key turns out to be the only way for a Child to be summoned and Tate's needed by Natsuki but Mai tries to be a nice girl and says she doesn't need him. It was cute when Natsuki names Tate Slave-kun.

The manga makes Natsuki a funner person but those that fell in love with the feigning indifferent Natsuki from the anime might not like the manga version. I personally love her since I wasn't a maniac of the anime in the first place. Natsuki's love for mayo is more prevalent in the manga, too. Natsuki and Mai are both little by little falling for our hero, Tate, and Tate for them. We're also rid of that ever annoying Shiho. It turns out she was almost raped but Tate stops his upper classmen from doing her anymore harm but Tate gets kicked out of a school he had a Kendo scholarship from (the reason he left and was invited by Fuuka Gakuen.) Shiho actually shows up and will probably stay starting from the end of ch22.