Saturday, February 12, 2005

MANGA: Naruto ch247

It's the third chapter since the time jump and I'm just getting pissed Naruto isn't killing. There's no joking that I was shocked to hear most of Naruto's old classmates/friends are now Chuunin and Jounins, though. Also surprised me that Gaara is now the Kazekage but that made sense soon after. His father was the Kazekage before him and after Orochimaru stopped playing his little game, Gaara has a more stable mind and is possibly the strongest fighter in the Sand. I *NEED* to see Naruto owning everyone in fights... meh. There's also more of the Akatsuki in this chapter. Don't give a damn about them.

By the way, it was 100x easier when I used to save all these Naruto chapters up (for 15-20 chapters) instead of waiting for them week-by-week since the time jump.