Sunday, February 20, 2005

You're a racist!

That's what most people would think if they heard me speak. I throw racial slurs like they're not slurs at all. You won't believe that I laugh at the Japanese being great/playing well/etc. at (American) football (Eyeshield21), basketball (Slam Dunk & Dear Boys), boxing (Ippo), and there's probably more sports to list. I just don't believe it. Most of it seems fake. Not that I don't like the sports genre in anime/manga. It just makes me chuckle sometimes.

I just watched the first two episodes of Buzzer Beater.

You may wonder how the first paragraph had anything to do with Buzzer Beater but my train of mind brings up thoughts of racism. I say it now as to not surprise you later on.

Buzzer Beater is one of INOUE Takehiko's earlier works or at least I think it is. You may know Takehiko from Slam Dunk, the best basketball anime/manga so far. BB on the other hand is meh. We have ANOTHER annoying basketball player in Hideyoshi (Sakuragi was damn annoying, too) and this time, instead of black men dominating the sport, aliens have taken up the sport and dominates mankind. The best team is some Chicago Bulls rip-off (alien version) and there's a young guy leading the team named Gyuma who's probably a rip-off of Jordan. Hideyoshi probably becomes some kind of eternal rival to him later on or something. We have the intergalatic league in this and Earthlings are no match for the aliens. We see a Korean team playing for godsake. All I wondered was what happened to the black men...

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If you want to follow it, visit Sea Slugs! Anime Blog >> Buzzer Beater.

Update (02.23.05): The complete Buzzer Beater manga (all 4 volumes) are up on Inoue's site if you want to read it. I feel the Buzzer Beater anime is just a way to make some easy cash...